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Mexico Detains Almost 6,000 Migrants in Four Days

Mexico Detains Migrants

Photo: Reuters

Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) announced that authorities detained almost 6,000 foreign migrants in a span of four days.

With 1,060 detained, Hondurans comprised the largest group, followed by 942 Cubans and 906 Guatemalans.

The INM said in a statement released on Monday that most of the 5,688 migrants detained from April 21 to 24 were found in safe houses, trailers, or hidden in bus compartments or truck cabins.

Migrants from a total of 42 countries were put into custody, the INM said.

Other groups were found walking through the desert or along highways as they headed for the US-Mexico border.

As of April 13, Mexican immigration authorities have detained 115,379 migrants in 2022 alone.

As US President Joe Biden attempts to tackle the root causes of migration, many migrants have attempted to cross the US-Mexico land border. 

The Biden government had recently sent envoys to Mexico and Panama to discuss the matter.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) told Reuters last month that migration would continue to spike throughout 2022 due to high levels of violence throughout Mexico and Central America.

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