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Michael Jenkins on Education Being the Greatest Wealth

Michael Jenkins

In a world sparked by ruthless, cutthroat competition, the learned often emerge as having the upper hand; this comes as no surprise since education is one of the best weapons one can bring into the battlefield of business and entrepreneurship. And for this reason, Michael Jenkins believes that education is the greatest ally anyone can have in this dog-eat-dog environment. 

As one of the foremost advocates of education, Michael Jenkins took it upon himself to create a platform that uses knowledge and learning as the pillars around which success is built. And according to him, a person who is abundant with physical assets is nothing compared to one who is brimming with mental resources. As such, the most lethal players in this game called life are those who are highly educated. 

Fueled by his burning dedication and passion for building wealth, Michael Jenkins became a leading financial coach specializing in foreign exchange. And emboldened by his lifelong mission of taking his clients to the summits of success, he worked harder than ever. With his extensive background in the industry, he developed a strategy that hinges on risk management and trading plan education. 

With everything that he has accomplished for his career and his clients, Michael Jenkins cannot help but look back on his humble beginnings. Born and bred in a single-parent home on the Eastside of Detroit, Michael recalled being part of Spain Elementary’s marching band. And because of his participation therein, he established a sense of military-style discipline and remarkable leadership skills. 

After two years in college, Michael Jenkins decided to drop out. However, he went full steam into the workforce and advanced his way up to the top of the corporate ladder in T-Mobile USA and various home security companies. 

But despite having mastered his roles, Michael Jenkins noticed that the commission-based jobs did not give him the freedom of time that he needed. And after getting laid off due to economic turmoil, he got inspired to expand his horizons and take off to someplace better—the foreign exchange market. 

Piloting people in reaching their goals of monetizing their craft, Michael Jenkins has quickly become a valuable resource for others to achieve their financial dreams. Moreover, he also took on the challenge of creating a bright and enriched future for his clients and freeing them of the constraints surrounding the traditional corporate sphere. 

Ensuring that everyone gets a shot at acquiring education in the most convenient way possible, Michael Jenkins strives to make learning about the foreign exchange market as simple as he can. And sure enough, many of Michael’s clients can attest that they understood the industry without bouts of confusion because of his expertise and commitment. 

Indeed, one of the hallmarks of a great coach is relaying information and knowledge in a manner that is both efficient and effective for those at the receiving end. And embodying this remarkable trait, Michael Jenkins proves that he has both the heart and skill to lead people to their careers’ pinnacle.

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