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Michael “Kleos” Chin’s Famous Webseries “The Root of All Evil” Is Taking the Stage

Michael "Kleos" Chin

The youngest recognized urban playwright in the industry is about to make his web series even more animated. Uprooting “The Root of All Evil” and planting it onstage, Michael “Kleos” Chin is finally sharing his gift to a wider audience. 

Michael “Kleos” Chin is a young adult known in exclusive art circles as one with a passion for acting, producing, directing, and writing. The multi-talented creative has dabbled in various art forms, which has helped him develop and share his beautiful way with words.

For as long as he could remember, Kleos was always awed and interested in the performing arts and everything that went into producing it. He studied acting in several lauded performing arts programs from the 6th grade to the 12th grade.

While in high school, he spent his days with a script in one hand and a textbook in another. He wowed the audience night after night with his craft as he made a big name for himself within the DMV area for his online comedy skits. Not just within the region, Kleos also gained international attention and almost immediately had an overwhelming following, looking to his social media performances to brighten their days.

Determined to keep the weather sunny in thousands of lives everywhere, Kleos decided to expand his reach and share his gift for writing by creating the web series “The Root of All Evil.” The moment it was up and out, the series took on a life of its own and stood center in a movie set, and soon in a play.

After turning “The Root of All Evil” into a short film, the inspiring web series is now being adapted into a virtual stage play on Michael “Kleos” Chin’s streaming service called “Flameous Flix” and will be opening curtains this coming February 2021.

Ready to blaze into hearts and get the candle of faith burning brighter, Kleos’s virtual stage play will be the first project on and is expected to set the standard for his future works, which, like his famous web series, will be unlike anything seen before.

Along with “The Root of All Evil,” Kleos is also known for his must-have book entitled “Almost Not Born,” which he co-authored with his lovely fiancé Desireé Morgan. Like most of his content, the book was written to inspire faith in God. The Christian non-fiction work of art follows the trials of a character named Destiny struggling against the devil’s wicked tricks who is determined to destroy God’s plans for her before her birth. 

The young writer’s prowess and evident passion printed with his words has inspired his audience and has gotten the spotlight at the end of the tunnel, motivating people to walk towards it.

“I tell the realness of reality while showing everyone that no matter who you are, there is hope and faith in God,” he shares. 

Grab your front-row tickets and keep your phone on silent for Michael “Kleos” Chin’s “The Root of All Evil.” Sit back and follow the story of faith in the artist’s virtual stage play airing February 2021 on Flameous Flix’s official website. Learn more about the young creative and stay updated on his work by following him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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