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Mikiah Azarcon Revolutionizes the Fashion Industry With GO-GETTER Co.’s Wallets

Mikiah Azarcon

Every cloud has a silver lining, and for Mikiah Azarcon, that silver lining came when he was almost expelled from Pepperdine University for cheating on his Chemistry final exam. He didn’t know that this event would be one of the biggest blessings in his life as it eventually led to the start of GO-GETTER Co.

The idea came in 2018 when then-student Mikiah Azarcon spent endless nights conceptualizing it in his dorm room. Eventually, he set out to bring his idea to life despite having a packed schedule and little to no extra cash. Azarcon committed whatever time he could spare outside of class to work four jobs, earning enough capital money to produce prototypes to showcase to the Kickstarter community in hopes of receiving funding for his idea.

Mikiah Azarcon’s efforts were rewarded when he generated $90k in pre-orders in just his first month of launch – allowing him to develop GO-GETTER Co., an e-commerce lifestyle brand based in Beverly Hills, California, that primarily sells trackable wallets. Founded in 2020, Mikiah Azarcon’s idea was to disrupt the outdated and bulky wallets in the fashion industry. It would become one of the fastest-growing wallet brands in the new decade.

GO-GETTER Co. provides solutions to the people who often lose their wallets. They solve the problem by providing a Bluetooth tracker card – the thinnest one in the world. The card allows customers to track their wallets within range and alert them when separated from them. Because the wallet is engineered to be 7.5 mm thin and 2.5 oz light, it can be easily placed in the front pocket to keep the wallet safe from pick-pockets and prevent back pain from sitting on the wallet.

Mikiah Azarcon also solved the wear and tear problem over time by making the wallets out of 6061-T6 space grade anodized aluminum. With this material, he ensures that the customers don’t have to replace their wallets as it keeps it in a condition that looks as good as new. The design is also made to be expandable, allowing the owners to carry as little or as much as they need with a replaceable elastic band.

While function and material are essential, Mikiah Azarcon did not abandon its aesthetic. He created a design that gives the wallet a modern and sleek look. The aluminum expandable look provides a shiny appeal to the wallet, breaking the repetitive cycle of the same leather or canvas look. GO-GETTER Co.’s wallets come in either brushed or matte finish and give customers eight different colors to choose from.

GO-GETTER Co. attributes its success to other huge brands that have created unique cultures and communities within their organization. Brands such as Gym Shark, MVMT, and iKonick (to name a few) have all stood for something and held true to the values they live out every day and amplify through their content. Mikiah Azarcon spent years developing his company to follow a similar framework so he could also inspire a culture/community of individuals to “create their own reality.”

Learn more about Mikiah Azarcon and GO-GETTER Co. by visiting his Instagram page and GO-GETTER Co.’s Instagram and website.

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