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Millions of Dollars Already Invested by Celebrities, Investors, and Traders Hyped Over DeezNuts

A new cryptocurrency that just launched and is taking the world by storm is DeezNuts Crypto, a new generation cryptocurrency that has been described as a coin for the future. It’s a  viral meme coin that appeals to anyone who is on the internet, and even celebrities are getting in on the hype! The coin is endorsed by A-list celebrities who want DeezNuts!

As it went public, many celebrities, investors, and traders have spent millions of dollars into it. Clearly hyped about DeezNuts, they didn’t hesitate to buy into the coin immediately. Still, there’s plenty of DeezNuts to go around, as there’s a total supply of 1,000,000MM of DeezNuts.

Another fantastic thing about DeezNuts to note is, a percentage of the coin goes into testicular and prostate cancer research. While speaking about the goal for the coin, the creators highlighted their commitment toward raising the sum of $2 million for its cause. This, according to the creators, is their little way of contributing to health research and possibly fast-tracking the cure for prostate cancer. 

Prior to the launch, they set their goal to become the most viral crypto in the market, and they’re clearly achieving it! As it went public, it’s already up 15x right out the gate. This is why no one should hesitate when it comes to DeezNuts.

For traders who might want to get on the DeezNuts train, the coin is currently listed on Pancake Swap in collaboration with Binance. DeezNuts’ token address is 0x01921a94e68f8d54f33c5d6f71d6664c35e33269.

Keep an eye out for more developments on the coin, and follow along with their journey. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Go to their official website, where the steps on how to buy are thoroughly explained.

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