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MobileyMe is the Newest and Safest Cloud Service to Hit the Market


Forgetting or losing your phone is a story since time immemorial, but MobileyMe Inc. launched a brand new and exciting software that could make its way to the top of the tech industry in no time.

MobileyMe is a cloud service full of features. The app is a remarkable game-changer, designed and precisely engineered to give any smartphone user the ability to virtually use their phone even without holding it in their hands.

How does MobileyMe work?

When you lose, forget, or break your phone, retrieving your data and accessing your smartphone’s features is as easy as downloading MobileyMe on a different device. It would be as if you’re making calls on your own smartphone because even your actual phone number will show up.

The app gives you a smooth and effortless experience in texting and video calling through VoIP as if you are on your own phone. MobileyMe takes the essential features of your smartphone and puts them in the cloud so that you can always gain access and operate your device virtually. The MobileyMe app also lets you store and gives you access to phone information like pictures, videos, contacts, and installed apps, on top of giving you the ability to control your smartphone remotely.

Every type of mobile phone user can take advantage of MobileyMe. Every smartphone user wants a strong sense of security in safekeeping our files and reliable means to conduct business without interruption. MobileyMe will also prove to be useful in urgent situations, like an emergency, when you don’t have your own phone with you.

MobileyMe Inc. CEO and founder, Myra Durrani, takes pride in the fact that MobileyMe has no competition. Unlike other cloud systems, MobileyMe assists in making up for the flaws of other cloud services, which makes it unparalleled in the industry. “MobileyMe will bridge the gaps by adding features that will greatly enhance what is currently on offer and quite simply inadequate for today’s communications needs,” she reveals. Durrani adds, “Our product is for every smartphone user in the world. Now we have the solution to gain better control over your device instead of it controlling you.”

Every Apple Cloud user knows that they could also track their smartphone. However, it has been proven that the Apple system doesn’t provide a solution to access the user’s data without the original phone being on and unlocked. But for MobileyMe, once it is downloaded and set up, it’s always running in the background of your device, making you connected to your very own secure and private communications network at all times.

MobileyMe is ready to dominate the market and is on its way to grabbing the attention of 5.1 billion smartphone users. If you want to discover what MobileyMe can do for you, and keep all the information on your smartphone safe and securely backed up, visit their official website,

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