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Monica Alexandra Ribero: The Transformational Coach for Overachievers

Monica Alexandra Ribero

Living most of her life on autopilot, jumping from one achievement to another, Monica Alexandra Ribero is all too familiar with an overachiever’s life. Through her passion and curiosity about this life, she discovered, learned, and mastered inner work. Today, she stands as a coach for core energy life and leadership with a mission of helping other overachievers transform their lives, achieve freedom, and discover more of what is inside themselves.

Born and raised in Bolivia, Monica Alexandra Ribero was a trailblazer in tennis since she was only six years old. She ranked # 1 in her country, which opened her doors to international competitions. Her successful journey in the international tennis arena landed her a full scholarship at an NCAA university in the United States, where she obtained her undergraduate degree and her graduate degree with honors from her master’s degree in business administration at only 24 years old. 

Monica Alexandra Ribero then went on to start her professional working life. She competed and thrived in the work-life arena as a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience working for and alongside multi-billion dollar corporations. 

Looking back, Monica Alexandra Ribero highlights that for most of her life, it was as if she lived on autopilot. She would receive several achievements left and right, yet she did not know what she truly wanted in life. This reality drove her to look into her energy and learn about inner work. As her curiosity grew more profound, she traveled to India several times to learn more. There, she developed a passion for yoga, and she obtained a Reiki healing certification. 

After working on improving herself for several years and mastering her skills, Monica Alexandra Ribero expanded the reach of the knowledge for inner work that she had gained in India. She started helping others find their authentic self and their true power in life. This became a professional work, and she was quickly recognized as a core energy life and leadership coach. Her ultimate focus is helping overachievers who live life on autopilot like herself in the past.

With her deep understanding of energy and life, she guides overachievers carefully in creating the life they want. She also guides multi-billion dollar corporations in discovering their true potential. She also helps in developing conscious leaders who manage these large companies. 

As a coach, Monica Alexandra Ribero seeks to transform overachievers’ lives in a more positive manner. Using the power of energy, the successful Bolivian coach helps raise her clients’ levels of consciousness. She does not provide band-aid or short-term short-solutions. Instead, she focuses on helping her clients achieve a real transformation from the core, which results in a “ripple effect” in other aspects of the clients’ lives. She helps them obtain freedom and free themselves from the limitations they have set.

She is also passionate about bringing awareness to women and helping them realize that “the best way to create equality and true empowerment is not by looking outside but by going within and doing the personal work.” In turn, this will have a collective impact and bring higher levels of collective consciousness for women. It is this transformation that will bring change.

In the future, Monica Alexandra Ribero hopes to travel to different parts of the world, running workshops and holding speaking engagements where she can empower others to find their authentic selves. She hopes to help others understand how personal work has a “collective positive impact.”

Learn more about Monica Alexandra Ribero and her coaching sessions by visiting her official website. You may also check her out on Instagram.

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