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Moore Financial Services Launch the Biz Credit Movement

Moore Financial Services

Moore Financial Services, a family-owned company with offices located in Texas, has started a very significant movement with a mission to help over 1,000 small business owners successfully build their business credit by the end of 2021. And by the looks of it, the Biz Credit Movement is building momentum.

The owner, Felicia Jeffries, is a paralegal who has worked alongside top lawyers specializing in business, bankruptcy, torts, and personal injury law. One day while working in the bankruptcy firm, Felicia witnessed a case begin to unfold involving a distraught Black clothing boutique owner who was being sued for being unable to pay her business’ rent. The owner’s personal assets had been frozen, and her merchandise had been locked away by the leasing company.

This case embedded a memory in Felicia’s mind of a situation that no business owner wants to see themselves in.  Thus, Felicia saw the dire need for people to be aware of rebuilding their credit after “life’s lemon’s” – as Felicia says, as well as the urgency to build business credit.

That eye-opening experience led Felicia to establish a credit repair firm in 2010 called Moore Financial Services. In 2016, Felicia saw the need to reorganize the business. Now, the firm’s main focus is assisting business owners in building their business credit and credibility with an organic approach of separating owners from their businesses and focusing on building business credit. This adds to the limited liability protection, provides businesses borrowing power, and makes businesses more competitive.

While working as a paralegal, Felicia was also growing her business, working non-stop with extraordinary dedication and commitment for both her contractual obligations with the law firms and her company. However, this non-stop approach took its toll on her health, and in 2013 she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder. However, this unfortunate experience did not slow her down.

In 2019, her health was restored, and she became a testimony of how true faith in God and positive actions are all you need. She gets paid to speak to audiences around the U.S. on the importance of self-care, proper balance in life and business, and achieving positive growth.

Over the years, many businesses and owners have benefited from the Biz Credit Movement. Its ultimate mission is to ensure that small minority-owned and other small businesses establish credible companies and have the tools they need to maintain that credibility. The type of credibility established when a business owner becomes a member of the Biz Credit Movement opens doors for funding, corporate and government contracts, grants, and other opportunities.

Felicia found that many black business owners have a misunderstanding about credit. Oftentimes, when black business owners get turned down for funding, it’s believed to be due to racial discrimination; however, it has been found that if a business has the credibility and credit established, lenders have no problem saying yes, no matter the race.

The Biz Credit Movement membership is available nationwide and acts as a “one-stop shop,” allowing companies to receive discounts on all necessary business services that businesses must have to operate credibly. A logo is created for free under the membership, and there are discounts on website development, business plans, financial projections, and for forming LLC’s, Corporations and other business structures, business credit building, among others.

The Biz Credit Movement’s network of professionals, such as lawyers, bookkeepers, and accountants, are committed to providing discounted services to help these small business owners who remain members of the movement. Membership is divided into silver, gold, or platinum levels, entitles members up to 20% off, and free business consultations every month. 

Once a business owner completes the program, they will be ready for funding. Felicia Jeffries aims to achieve the movement’s goals in no time, and that can be accomplished through competent individuals and companies who want to affiliate-partner with Moore Financial Services to help business owners join the Biz Credit Movement.

To know more about Moore Financial Services’ Biz Credit Movement, please visit its official website, or give them a call at 1-888-387-1117. You can also check out their Ebook called 10 Hidden Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About Business Credit.

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