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MTV Coaching Develops a Winning Framework for People in Career Transition

Career coaches are the unsung heroes of many successful careers and businesses all over the world. Thanks to the close and personalized guidance of career coaches, many get to work fulfilling jobs that fit their skill sets and operate businesses that appeal to their passions. A career coach does wonders for one’s career by offering solutions-based approaches to career decisions. Career coaches ensure results, actions, and accountability, steering people to the careers that best suit them. Renowned career coaching firm MTV Coaching provides a framework that leads people to the results they desperately need in their career transition.

Founder and CEO Michelle Perchuk established MTV Coaching after a lengthy career of getting people to where they want to be, and she has the resume to prove it. She graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Science degree and is an active member of the NYU Alumni Association. She received a professional certification for Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance at Rutgers University. She is also a member of the ICF NJ Chapter Strategic Relationship Committee. Michelle Perchuk is the author of Swimming in the Talent Pool, a book on the state of contemporary recruiting and hiring practices. To write the book, she interviewed over 30 C-Suite executives of companies like AIG, New York Times, Scholastic, and Citigroup. 

Prior to establishing MTV Coaching, Michelle Perchuk’s entire career revolved around building relationships and impacting people’s career choices. She spent over twenty years consulting for elite firms, building her keen understanding of talent recruitment and human resource management. Her brilliant career has given her the tools, vision, and key business connections to help her clients find and pursue their true calling. At MTV Coaching, she specializes in guiding college graduates and professionals to make the right career choices and choose a career path that they will find fulfilling. She works with 3 levels of people: college or grad school, early career, and seasoned professionals.

She has worked at worked-renowned global search firms such as Ajilon, Comsys, and Solomon Page, recruiting, counseling, and onboarding thousands of employees for the benefit of elite companies like Citigroup, TIAA-CREF, Sotheby’s, Bank of America, AIG, and many others.

Michelle Perchuk also owned NDP Global, which she launched in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008. There, she developed innovative strategies to place qualified candidates at Fortune 500 companies that are struggling to fill vacancies. Owning NPD Global gave her the experience of being a small business owner in a very competitive market.

Being the former CEO of NPD, which was a boutique recruiting firm in NYC, gives Michelle two huge advantages as a coach. She is a certified coach who knows how to run a business, and that is why she is very successful in providing business coaching to clients as well. She has connections with recruiters and managers at huge companies, and she has inside information about how they hire.

“My coaching clients are grateful for how quickly and objectively I can identify their strengths, clarify their goals, and set them on the right course to prosper in their career endeavors—saving them untold time, frustration, and lost opportunity.”

The MTV Coaching founder explained that the 21st-century workplace has gradually become more difficult to navigate in recent years. She is often approached by young clients who have spent years on the wrong career path, in dead-end or unfulfilling jobs, or starting businesses unsuited to their talents and aspirations.

“That’s why I’ve dedicated my more than two decades of successful recruitment, coaching, corporate networking, and personal experience toward helping dissatisfied professionals and recent grads land their dream job, or launch their ideal startup,” she said.

Michelle Perchuk is determined to get more professionals back on the right career path and toward a more fulfilling work life. Learn more about her work on MTV Coaching.

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