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Multi-Talented Entrepreneur Conquers the World of Fashion, Music, and Publishing

Shantae Esannason

Entrepreneur Shantae Esannason is a jill of many trades, but a master of each venture without a doubt. The fashion designer, musician, and businesswoman has dipped her fingers into many industries, and she loves the taste of success in each one. 

Running a business can be a challenging feat. Not everyone will thrive in a startup culture. But when one looks at Shantae, she makes it look easy. The business mogul has started multiple business ventures that have proven to be successful and sustainable in the long run. And with all that, she shows no signs of slowing down. 

Shantae opened up OEW Inc. The name would become the umbrella entity for all her companies. The mother company holds and manages organizations in industries that include professional services, music, publishing, fashion, and e-commerce retail. 

The entrepreneur’s journey began when she started working on promotions for locals. She started with offering her services for free, but she quickly became the go-to person for events and community outings in her area. As she got better at what she did, she began to dream bigger, and that gave her the confidence to put her talents to good use. 

Her next ventures would include PIEKIT Records and Publishing. The recording branch would take care of Shantae’s self-produced music. As a producer and songwriter going by the stage name Shantae Sexy, the artist has released multiple tracks since 2009. Some of her songs include “Curious,” “Incognito Tae (Retirement Song),” “Frenzy,” “So Right,” “Through the Night,” “War with Me,” and “That’s Right” to name a few. She has released two albums to date, namely IZM and Who’s That Lady? PIEKIT Publishing is the book publishing arm of Shantae’s multiple titles. Shantae has written four books: My Thoughts, Mother: A Compilation of Short Writings, 15 Minutes of Fame, and Baggage at the Airport.

Shantae is also an avid designer who has launched two brands in the fashion category. One brand is called Inspiration & Ambiance, an online store that features Shantae’s original designs. The shop sells items such as phone cases, face masks, bags, and many others. Her store has received recognition as an Amazon-certified influencer store. Shantae also owns Velvet Brand, a luxury designer brand for shoes. The collection started with a series launched in Le Marche, Italy. All of Shantae’s shoes are made out of pristine leather. The velvet line also features Shantae’s collection of all-natural skincare products. One of the best aspects of her cosmetic line is that they have a shelf life of up to two years.

As an advocate of sustainable living, Shantae’s Velvet line features products that are both sustainable and natural. She believes in the importance of being holistic in her approach to beauty, wellness, and entrepreneurship.

A true visionary, Shantae has bigger plans in mind for OEW Inc. She hopes that one day, her company will become a household brand for people everywhere. She creates products and offers services that would appeal to people from every walk of life. The only thing that surpasses her love for business and entrepreneurship is her drive to give back and serve the community. The young entrepreneur hopes that her journey would inspire others to stay creative and ambitious and dreams of the day that she can build an army of entrepreneurs who will take the world by storm.

To learn more about Shantae and her ventures, visit her official website and Instagram.

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