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Murray SawChuck Is One of the Most Sought-After Magicians in the Industry

The art of magic has been a classic staple at the finest and most luxurious venues all over the United States. Murray SawChuck, also known as Murray the Magician, is a mix of both worlds, putting his art out into the online world through his YouTube channel, while also performing at the grandest stages in Las Vegas. His YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers and over 1 billion online views, both of which keep growing every day.

He is currently starring in two shows on the Las Vegas Strip, headlining at the Tropicana Las Vegas at the Laugh Factory with his own show and then right across the street for the late show at The Luxor Resort & Casino as the comedy guest star in the Anita Mann production “Fantasy.”

Murray the Magician has also seen a lot of mainstream success throughout his entire career. He is a regular on History Channel’s Pawn Stars as their magic expert for his 11th season, and on CW’s Masters of Illusion for his 6th season. He has been on over 25 reality TV shows and even became a finalist on America’s Got Talent. Nowadays, he continues to perform his magic five nights a week on the Las Vegas Strip as the resident show at The Laugh Factory in Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas.

His credentials don’t stop there. The non-stop magician has become a guest at the Luxor Resort & Casino in the show Fantasy. Audiences can also see Murray on Netflix’s original hit show GLOW in its 3rd season. He has also been featured in Hell’s Kitchen, Dog Masters 101, and the Italian movie Divorzio.

He has become a prominent figure in the reality TV scene and has been dubbed as the King of Reality TV among the most sought-after viral magicians. He also managed to guest star on over 18 episodes of Hallmark’s Home & Family, Comedy Central’s TV series Reno 911, and NBC-TV’s Last Comic Standing. Murray has also been featured in various media shows such as TMZ, E-Television, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and many more.

Murray’s reputation precedes him; not only is he a celebrated magician on television and the online world, but he has also garnered several awards. He dazzled the judges and 22 million people as a finalist on America’s Got Talent, performing the largest illusion on their show to date. In one episode, he made a 1918 steam train disappear in seconds, and he also produced a Ferrari out of thin air. His illusions have wowed audiences worldwide. He even performed tricks such as transforming a girl in a locked cage into a 450-pound tiger.

All of this was done in front of a live TV audience, which made it even more impressive. Naturally, he got a resounding standing ovation from all the judges, as well as some members of the audience. Murray has shown time and time again that his talent and his craftsmanship will captivate and entertain audiences no matter how old they are or who they may be.

On his ever-growing YouTube channel “Magic Murray,” he uploads 1 to 3 videos per week, where he showcases pranks and magic tricks along with the occasional educational videos where he teaches a trick to his audience.

In the near future, he hopes to get his own TV show and entertain more audiences worldwide. He has become such an icon in the magic industry that it’ll only be a matter of time before he becomes a household name. His journey has been interesting and captivating all throughout, and it’s exciting to see where he’s headed in the future.

Find out more about the amazing Murray the magician by visiting his official website.