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Nate Kest’s Music Breaks All Stereotypes in Hip-Hop Culture

Nate Kest

The truth about the music industry is that big businesses control the type of music and artist that becomes popular. It is why popular music can seem repetitive at times, with themes that are all pretty similar as well, and why independent artists stand out so much in the industry. Nate Kest is a standout musician, a 21-year-old who has been making music since his sophomore year in 2016.

Belonging to a family of prominent yoga practitioners, he grew up in a warm household with a positive and deeply spiritual upbringing. He constantly has peace of mind as a result of his daily routine of meditation, which, in turn, allows him to write about the clarity and vulnerability of human emotion, a common theme in his music.

Far from the typical, his music tackles concepts that not a lot of artists do: the purer aspect of love, luxury, and allure. The genuineness of his work evokes such deep emotions in the listener in its honesty. The reason for that is simple: at the essence of each person is a vulnerability that they try to bury, but it is that same vulnerability that connects us in its humanity.

The world at present is already bleak as it is, given the COVID-19 pandemic, and it would be a tragedy if people fell into the darkness. It is precisely at this time that people must embrace their humanity and be a little kinder, more loving, and more positive in their connections. This is when positive entities like Nate are most important, as his music aims to spread good energy and uplift those who listen to it.

Looking at him and listening to him, one can immediately acknowledge that his sound, his look, and his personality are all far from what is the norm in the industry. He does not conform to the industry’s standards and instead makes his own, which is one defining feature that makes him stand out from other artists.

When he took his first steps into the world of music, it was in disbelief that a person did not need to be rich or famous to make music as he previously believed. A friend brought him to the studio, and he fell in love with the experience of making music. It has been five years since, and both his expertise and his fan base continue to grow. He continues to push past his own limits to see how far his potential can take him.

“Stop looking at the clock and watch the journey” is a reminder his manager never fails to tell him. It has been five years since he started making music as a kid with no experience and knowledge at all, and now he has grown and his tracks have accumulated thousands of streams on Spotify.

He continues to work in hopes that he will one day inspire his fans to surrender to their passion, for as long as you surrender to it, you will be able to achieve anything you put your mind to. 

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