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Navahcia Edwards Wiping the Dirt off Her Name as She Works to Reform the Society

Navahcia Edwards has been through extremely rough terrains and has been trying to straighten things up for the past four years. People have different perceptions about her, especially with her choices while deliberately overlooking her life’s positive sides. News of her incarceration can still be found on various websites, but Navahcia Edwards has refused to be defined by any of those things. She may have been sentenced to a 90-month jail term for robbing a bank; she, however, does not intend to bear that scar on her person and life for the rest of her life.

Before her sentencing, she never had a run-in with the law, nor did she have a criminal record. She was merely a victim of unfortunate circumstances and associations. Most of the troubles she went through as a young girl were the combined effects of a turbulent growing up. She was homeless at 16 because she ran away from a group home that DCFS placed her in. she did not choose the kind of life she found herself, and every time she tried to get away from it, she found herself being pulled back into it.

Navahcia describes herself as caring, humble, self-assured, and adventurous. In her words, she says, “Please do not assume you know my life story or who I am because you Googled me because you have no idea. I search the internet for my name from time to time to see the comments and made up stories about me. It’s crazy the things people say behind a keyboard, but it doesn’t bother me today because I know who I am as a person. With that said, I have currently been home going on four years; I have multiple businesses and three books in the works. If you want to know my story and who I am, then purchase my books once they are released.”

She is currently working on three books, all of which will explore her life before, during, and after incarceration. She wants to inspire other incarcerated women and foster kids experiencing the same things she has experienced in her life. She wants to be a figure that they can relate to and believe that things will turn out well eventually.

She was thrown into the cruel system, but she made it out alive with her mind sane and intact. Since her release, she has reintegrated herself into society as a budding businesswoman who wants to contribute to her community and bring positive changes. Moving forward, she plans to finish her books and get them to be bestsellers, influence massive reforms across the prisons in the United States, and be successful at her business.

Essentially, she wants to prove to everyone that nothing should be strong enough to keep anyone down. “I want people to know whatever walk of life you come from, you can still make it! Obstacles make you work harder, so you remember that where you are now in life did not come easy,” she says.

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