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Neel Dhingra Saw The Real Estate & Mortgage Industry Wasn’t Changing, So He Made Some Changes of His Own.

Neel Dhingra

The real estate industry has seen a tremendous change over the past few years. In a modern world where marketing has shifted mostly toward digital strategies, the old traditional marketing strategies that were tried and tested have become ineffective in the long run. Nevada-based real estate investor and mortgage banker,  Neel Dhingra foresaw this development and has pivoted his business toward great success by being one of the first responders.

A top-producing mortgage manager and marketing expert, Dhingra utilized digital content marketing to rise above the competition within the real estate landscape. He has garnered acclaim for creating digital content throughout multiple platforms and was even recognized as a video influencer by BombBomb and Tom Ferry, #1 ranked Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200.

Dhingra is changing the mortgage and real estate Industry, one successful marketing campaign at a time. After nearly 20 years of working in the industry, he has seen the changes that have been slowly trickling down as technology seemed to drastically improve. He noticed that individual agents and loan officers were slowly being commoditized, almost seeming like used car salesmen. Dhingra knows that it’s out with the old and in with the new, especially when it comes to marketing strategies.

So he opened his mind toward greater frontiers, utilizing the power of the digital space and technology. He devised new marketing strategies for his business and started experimenting. He saw drastic improvements due to the strategic changes that he applied here and there, and he began sharing his tactics with his fellow real estate professionals.

His methods were superb. It seemed like Dhingra found the blueprint to success and was more than willing to share it with his peers that were looking to improve their digital marketing strategies. His ideas weren’t merely focused on coming up with creative marketing strategies. They were rooted in the precision of the execution and implementation, which netted him fantastic results.

Dhingra usually centers his strategies on proving the unique value of a product or service that he’s selling, which is why the skill of communication is vastly important in his strategies. One must learn to communicate the value to potential clients with the utmost efficiency in order to convert a client’s interest into profit.

By increasing his captive audience and casting a wide net to reach as many people as possible, Dhingra’s business exploded across multiple platforms and yielded him tangible results. With the results speaking for themselves, he has begun teaching his strategies to real estate professionals and even brands that want in on his big secret. 

Dhingra approaches education at the grassroots level to ensure that the individuals understand the essence behind his strategies. To him, it’s more about building a successful brand for an individual rather than boosting an organization’s brand. He has provided so much growth and value within the people that belong to the real estate industry, and it’s all thanks to his keen eye for innovation and his passion for what he does.

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