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Nestor Castro Pushes Others to Build the Right Mindsets for Success Through His Words and Actions

Nestor Castro

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” This belief is what entrepreneur and coach Nestor Castro lives by. To Nestor, mindset is the most significant factor to success, and his positive and healthy mindset has brought him to the top of the entrepreneurship game.

Nestor is a health, wealth, and mindset coach who works hard to inspire others to pursue greater success for themselves. As a practitioner of what he preaches, he has built a highly successful career for himself as well. He is one of the founders of Dropship Tribe, one of the biggest e-commerce marketing agencies that specialize in dropshipping. 

Before his digital business success, Nestor served in the US Military for three years. He was deployed to Afghanistan for twelve months then decided to come back home and start building a life for himself. But he would later find that reintegrating back into civilian affairs wouldn’t be easy. He decided to join the police force, where he served for five years. But all the while, the countryman felt he wasn’t living his true calling in life. He had always dreamed of building his own business and traveling the world.

He found his niche in dropshipping and quickly learned the ins and outs of the industry. He discovered that he had a natural talent for business right away and was soon earning a six-figure income online quickly. As soon as he started reaping the benefits of his labor, Nestor felt compelled to share his wealth of knowledge with others who wanted to follow in his entrepreneurial steps. 

Nestor started Dropship Tribe and started helping other people build successful online businesses that would create profit and opportunity for hundreds of entrepreneurs everywhere. He also started to actively use his Instagram platform to inspire people to develop their mindset and grow their skills. To date, Nestor has over 149,000 followers who listen to his wisdom around the topics of lifestyle, business, work habits, and success. 

Nestor’s deepest passions drive him in all he does. “My passion is helping people create real breakthroughs in their relationships, their emotions, their health, their careers, and their finances,” shares Nestor. “People are always putting self-imposed limitations on how much money they can make, how far you can push your body. I want to show them through my actions that anything is possible.”

On top of running his dropship businesses and marketing agency, Nestor takes the time to mentor people and help them build the right mindsets that will translate into entrepreneurial and life success. He hopes that through his message, he can inspire others to rise above the challenge and design the life that they want to live. 

In all he does, Nestor starts at home. His highest “why” is his daughter, Ava. He seeks to be a positive influence on her in everything that he does. “How can I tell my daughter Ava to read a book if I don’t read books? How can I explain to her healthy foods to eat and what not to if I don’t practice what I preach? How can I tell her to follow her dreams if I am not following mine?” continues the mindset coach.

Nestor looks to help many others, especially future generations, to craft a different outlook in life and see things for they can be. To follow more of Nestor’s inspirational content, follow him on Instagram. You can also visit Dropship Tribe’s website to learn more about what he does.

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