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Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute Building the New Crop of World Leaders

Neuro Strategic Coaching

Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute is a global coaching organization dedicated to equipping entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations with the skills they need to deliver impact, sustainability, and results. Established 20 years ago by Dr. Mario Garcia, Jr., the Neuro Strategic Coach® who is also recognized as a certified Master Trainer (ATD) and an International Speaker and Trainer with more than 30 years of experience in the personal and leadership development industry.

Five years ago, Dr. Mario Garcia, Jr.’s son, Mario A. Garcia, joined the institute as the Director of Training and Operations. Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute is known for its signature offers that have impacted society positively and changed the world. With Dr. Mario Garcia Jr.’s expertise, Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute helps business owners define whether they are business owners or operators. And the Neuro Strategic Coach® has put together Five Best Practices of Legacy Leadership®, which include being a holder of vision and values™, a creator of collaboration and innovation™, an influencer of inspiration and leadership™, an advocator of differences and community™, and a calibrator of responsibility and accountability™.

Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute targets multiple industries and niches, ranging from profit and not-for-profit organizations to CEOs, C-Suite, consultants, coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs, and other leaders. With 20 years of delivering evidence-based strategies with proven results, Dr. Mario and Coach Mario A. have created an enabling environment for people to thrive as leaders.

Building The Neuro Strategic Coach® brand was not accidental. Dr. Mario Garcia Jr. has visited, coached, trained, and spoken in 57 countries. He has personally propagated the modeling excellence that he developed. He has proven that his four foundational principles, which are the institute’s pillars, are key to achieving sustainable change—vision, alignment, impact, and legacy. According to Dr. Mario Garcia Jr., “For anybody to achieve a dream, they must be able to see their outcomes as if they have achieved them. They must be in full alignment and congruent with their beliefs and values. And they must be the legacy now, which is not about what you will leave behind. To do so, individuals must decide, commit, act, and take full responsibility and accountability for their decisions.”

The working strategy for Neuro Strategic Coaching is to empower its clients to see what they want to become so they can achieve it. It is a lifestyle management strategy created by Dr. Mario and Coach Mario that focuses on being first before doing. The institute helps clients visualize their desires and then supports them to work toward achieving them.

Dr. Mario Garcia’s goal is to see the Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute and the Neuro Strategic Coach® brand become global and well-recognized in many countries. The institute aims to have at least one Legacy Leader® in every organization. Also, one of the institute’s founding values is family, and seeing Dr. Mario Garcia, Jr. and his son running such an impactful institute is all the message clients and every other person associated with the brand needs to see.

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