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New NFT Marketplace, Launched with a Bang

Tronic Inc. has announced its new NFT marketplace, and recent developments indicate that the app is coming soon and set to be available to users. The new marketplace has already released its first set of drops, giving users a clear picture of the numerous things it promises.

The recently launched marketplace is Tronic Inc.’s biggest project, and the company’s plan is to build a huge ecosystem where NFT creators can plan, create, build, market and sell their collections. The marketplace is also taking the bull by the horns by working with selected artists from all over the world to create and deliver unique, artistically interesting collections for long-time crypto fans and first-timers will enjoy.

The first drop features artwork by world-famous tattoo artist Luke Wessman. This is his first art collection in digital form, as his entire career has been solely focused on tattoos. Another art collection featured in the first drop is “Qverse by Magdiel Lopez.” The drop contains 20 unique NFTs, each created by a different guest artist, and will be auctioned one piece at a time over the next few months. 

Tronic Marketplace is the new place for NFT and art enthusiasts to collect unique art while giving artists all the tools they need to create art and get them delivered to hardcore collectors.

The evolution of the digital world has given NFTs enough room to thrive, and Tronic Inc. is leveraging that. With all the initiatives set to launch and go live over the next few months, Tronic Inc. hopes to continue to give NFT enthusiasts and holders more tools to be a part of Web 3.0. The TroniCon event, a Web 3.0 conference, will also be held soon, and attendees will use their Tronic Pass token to participate in the conference.

As the creators release their content on the marketplace, the team behind the company will continue to work in the background to make it the most customer-oriented Web 3.0 company in the world.  “We want to be a part of the advanced world, and we want everyone to come along with us. That is why we are dedicated to helping individuals and brands make the transition to Web3 through partnerships and projects that are fair, useful, make sense, and move us all forward together,” the company said.

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