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Nicole Rokita on Going Keto With niKETO Restaurant

Nicole Rokita

Now that more and more people are cataloging their lives on social media, it is no surprise that these individuals are placing greater importance on looking great and feeling good. As a result, healthy eating and regular exercise have become part of a lifestyle everyone quickly jumped into. And taking a cue from this trend, Nicole Rokita breathed life into niKETO Restaurant. 

With the emergence of multiple health and wellness movements worldwide, well-acclaimed international model, Nicole Rokita, took it upon herself to set out on a venture where she can celebrate the beauty of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while still being able to enjoy life, in general. Thus, she put up niKETO Restaurant, the first-ever restaurant, to serve only keto-friendly dishes and nutritious meals, just as they are hearty and delicious.

In an interview, Nicole Rokita shared that the concept of niKETO was immensely influenced by the ketogenic diet, which is all the rave these days. In addition, she said that the restaurant aims to create awareness about the plethora of benefits that a low-carb diet can bring to both the mind and the body. And sure enough, this is in line with the holistic nature of well-being where one’s physical and mental health are in sync.

According to Nicole, most people think that sticking to a healthy diet means giving up the pleasant experience of having tasty meals. However, she explains that this is a misconception because healthy food can also taste amazing. As a matter of fact, this is what niKETO Restaurant is all about. And as one of the foremost advocates of the keto lifestyle, the esteemed restaurant owner is confident that through niKETO, she can shed more light on health and wellness.

Having embraced the keto lifestyle for more than five years, Nicole Rokita seeks to inspire others and ask them to join her so that they could witness the life-changing wonders a keto-based diet has to offer. And fueled by her burning passion for serving delicious food to the table, Nicole puts her spin on classic food favorites such as pizzas, burgers, and desserts, making them gluten-free and low in carbohydrates.

After graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Chicago, Nicole Rokita spontaneously decided to dive into the restaurant industry and use her penchant for health and wellness.

And although she has been told that such an industry is one of the toughest ventures in the world of business, Nicole did not mind one bit because she has always been fond of taking down challenges. From there, the go-getter has been unstoppable at helping people in making better and healthier choices in life.

Having spent three long years coming up with the perfect menu for her restaurant, Nicole Rokita finally succeeded as she recreates dishes that are considered as all-time favorites. 

Today, she wishes to expand her horizons and take her business to the next level. She hopes that niKETO would soon grow into an entire restaurant group that will operate several franchises of varying cuisines with the same mission – serving mouthwatering keto-friendly meals while keeping the carbs low.

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