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Nour Atta Establishes Stock Hours LLC, a Coaching Platform That Helps Individuals Find Success Through Day Trading

When finance and wealth building are brought up in a conversation, such words as the stock market, forex, and cryptocurrency always come up. It’s no secret that these platforms are massively important tools for building wealth and gaining financial freedom. However, it takes a lot of skill to navigate the industry, especially when it comes to day trading. Nour Atta, an expert day trader, shows his clients the ropes on how to gain success in the trading industry.

Without a doubt, there are plenty of opportunities within these platforms. It’s the sole reason why the news has been buzzing lately with talk about cryptocurrency, forex trading, and the stock market as a whole. Nour Atta found his way into the stock market industry by chance upon an internship at Wall Street.

Though he didn’t start out as an expert trader right away, in fact, Nour Atta was doing clerical and admin tasks for an employer during his work hours. It was the environment that eventually shaped him, as he was surrounded by professional traders who would dominate the markets
through proven trading strategies. Naturally, as a curious sixteen-year-old at the time, he would observe these traders and pick up their strategies on his own.

Nour Atta saved every single dollar he could muster and eventually transitioned into a career that involved trading. In six months’ time, he created an account and started funding a few
trades. He quickly gained success and has never looked back since that moment. Through the years, he has been consistently winning and learning, amassing experience within the industry
and growing his value exponentially with each successful trade.

His success came with a couple of speed bumps along the way, but through it, all Nour Atta has grown into an expert trader by learning from his mistakes. “There have been ups and downs, but consistency came with experience,” says Nour. “Now, I want to help other traders start
their journey and pique their interest, just like the traders on wall street did when I was an intern.”

In line with his goal, Nour Atta established his own coaching service called Stock Hours LLC. His company has taught thousands of students how to trade successfully since 2018. Nowadays, at 21 years old, he has reached seven figures in valuation after five years of involvement in the trading industry.

Stock Hours LLC has proved to be a massive success, posting the overall profits of its students in 2020 as they accrued over $7 million in total. To this very day, Nour Atta continues to give his insights to his students and online followers by posting valuable content on his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Nour Atta also posts his trades every morning and runs three to four trading lessons every single week. Through his hard work and dedication, Stock Hours LLC has fostered a thriving community of traders who are more than ready to help each other out by sharing best practices and trading insights.

To find out more about Nour Atta, make sure to check out his official website. For more live updates, follow his Instagram account, and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more live updates.

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