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On Catalyzing Change: The Free & Equal Elections Foundation Launches Its 7th Annual United We Stand Festival

The clamor for positive change has endlessly proven to spark societal transformation across the world. Whether it be for social, economic, or political endeavors, change has become an inevitable result whenever individuals and communities demand it. For example, when a dictatorship has ruled over a country that has had about enough, a revolutionary movement initiated by the people inevitably takes place, resulting in a change in the nation’s form of government. It may end with or without brutal consequences, but this is a clear manifestation that the power rests with the people. However, some remain to be apathetic towards these movements, leading to a number of problems in the years to come. Believing in the unparalleled influence that the people hold, The Free & Equal Elections Foundation aims to maneuver individuals towards the right direction with grace and finesse.

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has managed to materialize its vision of a better and more informed society through education and collaborative process. Its diligent efforts have earned countless praises around the world, establishing a reputable stance across the state. In partnership with the Brock Pierce Foundation, Open The Debates, and The Independent National Union, this change-making entity will launch its seventh annual United We Stand Festival in the sandy side of town in Cambria, California.

Armed with a mission to drive change and impact lives, the United We Stand Festival is dedicated to transforming The Free & Equal Elections Foundation’s vision of opening the electoral process through education and collaboration. For several years, it has launched a plethora of philanthropic initiatives designed to bring communities together, highlighting the importance of taking an active role in shaping and reforming the country’s politics. On July 3 and 4 of this year, it plans to set things in motion again, inviting 40 speakers, activists, artists, and musicians to come together for a greater cause.

Widely heralded for its ability to materialize its purpose, The Free & Equal Elections Foundation has gone to great lengths in order to deliver excellence in its results. For this reason, they have invited a wide variety of speakers and artists who are determined to educate individuals and communities, strengthening their power to transform and catalyze change across states and the world. More impressively, festival panels include indigenous, independent media and candidates, blockchain voting or crypto, and a 2024 debate coalition.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic limits the number of people allowed to attend social gatherings, The Free & Equal Elections Foundation has taken advantage of the digital era, enabling its event to be live-streamed on its website. However, three hundred guests may also choose to attend in person.

“This year’s UWS Festival shall enable attendees to connect with community sponsors and national thought leaders, allowing these future changemakers to build relationships and social networks through music, art, food, and conversation,” one of the organizers said.

Aside from its purpose of building a more informed nation, The Free & Equal Elections Foundation is also an organization that gives back. This year, it plans to donate the proceeds from the event to help fund the rebuilding of Skate Cambria’s local skate park.

To know more about The Free & Equal Elections Foundation, you may visit its website. In addition, if you would like to have the stream live on your Facebook business page, please visit and add UWS Cambria in the subject line, along with your Facebook page URL. For press and media inquiries please contact

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