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On Changing Narratives with Former Inmate Turned CEO Corey Parks

One of the leading CEOs and motivational speakers in the United States today is Corey Parks. Among many things, Corey has built a successful foundation that serves a good cause. He also gained recognition as a leadership training expert across the country. Aside from that, Corey produced inspirational rap music that captured listeners from all around.

Corey is a renowned speaker and leadership expert who has received recognition from companies and individuals across the country. Corey’s strategic delivery of his messages immediately struck a chord with his audiences. He has also made his brilliance known through his books. Corey is the author of five published books, including Success Is a Journey, a book with his personal testimonies.

The famous speaker is known for teaching his listeners how to change their narrative and carve out their niche. Corey aims to help people achieve maximum success. Furthermore, he highlights the importance of becoming more powerful by rising over conflict. Corey held numerous seminars all over the country, yet he remains humble and genuine to his purpose. He has talked in criminal justice institutions, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, community events, and even on Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

In 2018, the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council in Washington D.C. noticed Corey’s work and elected him to serve the organization. He advocated for small business issues and policy reforms by bringing their problems to the local congress. Not long after, Corey was elected into the NSBA Economic Development issue committee. He became responsible for overseeing issues relating to small business finance and their access to substantial capital.

Corey might appear as though he had it easy growing up. But his challenging circumstances early on in life are the very foundations of the man he is today. The streets raised Corey. At a young age, he found himself involved in drug dealing, gangs, and violence. After being trapped in his situation at 16, Corey got arrested and spent 15 years of his life in prison. After his release, Corey found it difficult to re-enter society.

He went through the hardships of finding his way back into the world. Corey knew how difficult it was to find jobs and start over. He didn’t want any other incarcerated people like him and their families to go through the same things he had to overcome. Corey then founded Success is a Journey Inc. The charity aims to assist inmates in navigating through life and connecting them to opportunities after prison. Aside from that, the foundation also helps high-risk youth build a brighter path for their future.

Since its founding, the charity has changed the lives of over 500 individuals. Corey took part in mentoring, coaching, and training people to evaluate their skills and reach their goals. His effective way of leading people into success is personal. Over the years, Corey has seen how previous inmates turned their lives around and found their purpose. 

On top of his fantastic career in the corporate world and his foundation, Corey is also a rap artist. He tells his story and pours out his soul through his music. Corey goes by C.J.P. New York City Rap Star in the business. His solid and authentic tracks are what the music industry needed. Beyond the engaging rhythm, rap fanatics found themselves captured by Corey’s music because of the messages they contain. His lyrics are jaw-dropping and straightforward at the same time. 

Corey’s recent music venture in New York City Rap Mixtape was released on November 28, 2019. The mixtape reached listeners through Outlaw Radio hosted by no other than the talented DJ Immortal.

Indeed, Corey Parks is the visionary, artist, and leadership speaker the world needs today. Learn more about him through his website.

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