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Paragons NFT Caters to All NFT Enthusiasts with Its Exquisite 3D Art and High Utility

In just a short span, non-fungible tokens have become the most lucrative and thriving sector of the crypto industry. Despite that, some still poke fun at NFT ventures, primarily due to their quirky art styles. However, one highly promising project is about to prove the naysayers wrong by creating a collection that showcases exquisite designs and remarkable artistry – Paragons NFT.

The collection contains 9424 high-definition, 3D-generated, ethereal art pieces. These Metaverse-ready avatars come from a unique combination of more than 250 attributes designed by the talented artist SpaceRenders.

As its creators proudly shared, “Every trait was thoughtfully designed in a way to connect the modern world and our Paraverse. Paragons will display a wide range of these mystical characteristics, including crypto-themed jewelry, Saturn rings, a tease of philosophy, and even some aspects that are inspired by some of the greatest artists of all time.”

But aside from its extraordinary designs, Paragons NFT also offers excellent utility to its holders. The venture will be centered around a 3D web application experience with play-to-earn mechanics known as the Paraverse, which holders will be able to access and explore within the browser.

Further explaining the details, the developers said, “The Paraverse will also grant holders the ability to earn our native ERC-20 token through play to earn mechanics, the ability to stake their Paragons to earn passive income, as well as additional NFT drops, and the ability to mint future NFT’s through the resources and tokens they earn.”

According to the project’s roadmap, landscapes will also be given to all Paragon holders after the initial minting of the genesis collection. These landscapes will also reflect the aesthetic of each unique Paragon. In addition, portals will be released, which allows holders to travel to other Paragon’s landscapes to trade resources or even just interact and hang out.

Paragons holders will also be able to mint a free Shrine NFT, which will help with their landscape as these yield resources that can be harvested daily.

There is also another collection in the pipeline called Parable Guardians NFTs. It features a limited number of Parables that can be minted using the resources holders have gathered and the tokens they have collected.

On top of its beautiful pieces of art and high utility features, Paragons NFT also has incredible community-building aspects. The venture is centered around a community-powered project that includes a community vault, and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO, wherein holders play a crucial part. 

Evidently, Paragons NFT has something for all types of NFT enthusiasts. As the team proudly declared, “Our project is aimed at all collectors of NFT’s, especially those interested in 3D generated artwork that is metaverse ready as well as those seeking projects with long term utility and tokenomics.”

Interested individuals should be on the lookout for the drop of Paragons NFT, as its pre-sale will be on January 28, and its public sale will be on January 29. 

To learn more about Paragons NFT, check out its official website, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also join in on the community discussions through its dedicated Discord server. 

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