Pharmacy One Plus: Where High Quality Meets Affordability for Medications and Medical Supplies

One major struggle in the medical field today is the undeniable price hikes of medications and medical supplies, especially with the onset of the pandemic. The problem, however, is nothing new. For years, large pharmaceutical corporations have faced a continuous backlash for their lack of transparency and issues on overpricing. Determined to address this glaring gap in the medical industry is the rising pharmaceutical powerhouse Pharmacy One plus. 

Pharmacy One Plus is a Chicago-based pharmacy best known for providing affordably priced medications and medical supplies. The company focuses on supplying the public with medical products at the lowest prices without compromising its quality. Strategically located at the heart of Illinois, the pharmacy has successfully served residents throughout Chicago, especially its underserved areas, to the best of its ability. From providing ample parking spaces to pick-up and drive-by options to the customers, it strives to make healthcare as accessible as possible for everyone. 

Founded by Majd Ibrahim, Pharmacy One Plus was a vision he had growing up as a first-generation immigrant in the United States. “I remember we had such trouble when we wanted to pick up my parents’ medications as a child due to the language barrier. We also could never find at-home remedies. It truly made us feel like outsiders,” shared the company owner as he looks back at the humble beginnings of the pharmacy. Alongside his good friend, Jawad Rabi, they vowed to revolutionize the way pharmaceutical companies worked. While the journey was challenging, their determination and hard work proved fruitful as they transformed their vision into a reality.

Fast forward today, Pharmacy One Plus serves as one of the fastest-rising pharmaceutical companies bringing underserved areas the medical products, supplies, and services they deserve. Amid the onset of the pandemic, the company managed to open three branches last year. While allocating the resources was tough, Jawad Rabi and his team helped Majd Ibrahim provide over 12,000 COVID-19 tests and have donated thousands to the community. 

As professionals in the pharmaceutical field, Pharmacy One Plus remains critical about the health management of patients and customers. On top of ensuring affordable medical products, the rising pharmaceutical company’s team considers themselves their customers’ partners in healthcare. With this principle in mind, outstanding customer service is always the end goal. The company carries its responsibilities with utmost care and attention, especially in dispensing medications. Overall, the safety and comfort of the patients remain the top priority for the company today.

At present, Pharmacy One Plus provides free delivery to its customers. It is also spearheading vaccination drives, on top of matching and beating competitor prices and complying with special packaging regulations. Moreover, the company embraces diversity and inclusion in the workplace, employing people who can speak English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and more. Indeed, it is one of the few mom-and-pop shops that consistently fights for people’s rights when it comes to healthcare accessibility and affordability.To know more about Pharmacy One Plus and its services, please visit its official website.

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