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PiccMee Prizes LLC Reshapes Advertising and Gives Back to Community

In the age of the digital space, marketers now have more avenues to advertise a product to the market successfully. But with the growing competition online, one has to think of innovative ways to capture the audience’s attention. Chase Turnquest does just that with his digital advertising platform called PiccMee Prizes LLC.

Known as The PiccMee Prizes Guy, Chase has been giving away prizes for free back to the community through his innovative advertising strategies. The platform earns through sponsored content, and in turn, PiccMee Prizes transparently distributes its earnings to the public. The platform is truly a great way of reaching out to millions of people in the digital space amid the economic downpour caused by the pandemic.

Chase’s journey to building the concept was hard. PiccMee Prizes is his fourth attempt to launch a creative idea online. The first three failed because it became overwhelming to counter the scams generated by others in the same field. People were hesitant to believe that Chase’s platform was genuinely giving away cash for free, without all the frills. But he remained determined to pursue the venture, especially when people needed an all-inclusive financial opportunity.

“I restarted the company because of COVID-19 and all the economic turmoil I saw in the world. If there was ever a time for people to respond to free money, it’s now,” said the founder. Since its launch three weeks ago, PiccMee Prizes has made waves with the community. It earned the trust of over 18,600 followers on Twitter alone. 

Not only is it authentic in giving back to the consumers, but PiccMee Prizes have generally changed the course of the advertising industry. Gone are the days when audiences are merely the receiving end of information. Today, they can also participate in the exchange of information and participate in the interactive game shows on the platform, while gaining endless chances of earning prizes. In a recent live stream, even Bill Pulte, the inventor of Twitter philanthropy, tuned in.

PiccMee Prizes is known for its four unique game shows. Each game show is capable of capturing the attention and participation of online users all over the world. The best part is that anyone can directly participate without needing to give valuable personal information.

The first game is called #GetOnTheWheel. It allows players to pre-register to the game to have their names placed on a wheel that spins to determine who will take home the cash prize. Chase said that in the first two weeks that they hosted the show, they received over 10,000 comments from people who wanted to join in each hour.

Second is #CrackThatSafe. As the same suggests, participants take guesses to a four-digit pin and attempt to crack a safe open. The prize begins at US$1,000, but it gradually increases in every episode that players fail to open the safe.

The third game is called #PrizeLine. The game show is perfect for those who do not have social media accounts but who want to join in through phone calls. Lastly, there is the platform’s game show called the #GhostGiveaways. The show grants active followers on social media “ghosted” with an amazing prize, simply because they have interacted with PiccMee Prizes on social media.

Since its launch, PiccMee Prizes has given away thousands of dollars to various individuals across the country. Chase proves that the company rises above the scammers who are giving people false hopes. With their genuine cause to redistribute wealth back to the community, there’s no doubt that PiccMee Prizes would soon be giving away houses and luxury cars while reshaping how people see advertising.Learn more about PiccMee Prizes on their website and on Twitter.