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Pretty in Pinkston Skincare Proves to Be More Than Just Another Skincare Line

Skincare routines often require cosmetics that can enhance and relieve skin conditions. Although tested and proven to be healthy, some products may cause reactions that do the complete opposite of what they were meant for. Kimberly Pinkston, an entrepreneur with love for skincare, decided to create Pretty in Pinkston Skincare to address such an issue.

Kimberly Pinkston’s love for skincare started as a teenager. Her mother would always fuss when she found her eggs and mayonnaise in Kimberly’s room while she was mixing things to come up with a lotion. Fast forward to adulthood, and Kimberly would become a professional runway model. This meant that skincare wouldn’t just be routine but a must to maintain great skin.

Much later on, Kimberly would be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a condition that affected not only her spinal cord but also her career. Kimberly decided that multiple sclerosis would not stop her and instead used it as her driving force to make a difference and to prove a point. She chose to teach professional runway techniques to young girls in under-served communities.

Kimberly made the generous offer to teach for free, knowing that many of their parents wanted nothing but the best for their children but didn’t have the financial strength to help them. Although the classes are free, she gave them one condition to join the program: the girls needed to maintain an A to B average in their studies and show active participation in their communities. Kimberly wanted her students to be more than just a pretty face. She wanted them to show character in their studies and community spirits.

To help her cause, Kimberly created Pretty in Pinkston Skincare. Taking inspiration from her teenage antics, Kimberly produced cosmetics with natural ingredients. Pretty in Pinkston Skincare products are entirely vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, talc-free, and eco friendly. Among the products they create are Illuminating Universal Primer, Hand & Body Restoration Cream, Hydrating Face Moisturizer, CC Serum, Decollete Restore Cream, Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser, Detox Charcoal Mask, and Pretty in Pinkston Pretty Box, among others. Kimberly started the company with only $100 in her pockets as she found it difficult to get funding as an African-American woman-owned business.

Kimberly’s mission is to find a cure for multiple sclerosis and help the next generation of African-American women pursue their dreams of becoming fashion models, which is why she featured one of her students on her label. Kimberly wants to get her students to get as much positive exposure as possible. She donates 20% of her sales to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation so no one else would have to go through what she deals with daily, as well as directing her donations to a scholarship fund for the young ladies in her program who are working on going to college.

When she was younger, someone helped Kimberly on her journey, and now, she is hoping to pay the kindness forward.

To find out more about Pretty in Pinkston Skincare, you may visit their website.

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