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Project 41k Exotics NFT Building a Community for Future Millionaires and Billionaires

NFTs have come with various utilities and value offerings over the last many months to attract holders and investors. Project 41k is a project specifically dedicated to building a community of future millionaires and billionaires.

Also known as the Millionaires to Billionaires (FGMBs) NFT Collection, Project 41k Exotics is made up of 2,500 Exotics NFTs and has partnered with one of the top CGI design studios in the world with Lamborghini, Audi, AliExpress, and many other global brands in its client catalog. Project 41k‘s artwork depicts a high level of energy, effort, and time evident in the art quality. The aim is to make the budding community feel great about the artwork they’re investing in before they even begin to reap the rewards and utility attached.

Project 41k Exotics collection comprises 50 current animated NFTs, and anyone who mints one of these rare animated NFTs automatically enters an exciting yet-to-be-announced giveaway. The project is championed by entrepreneurs passionate about making the business world more accessible. Members of this community are all about networking, building relationships and carrying out business amongst themselves.

A spokesperson for the project said: “We want to do deals with you! We want to fund your deals, we want to send you deals, we want you to get MORE clients, and we want you to start monetizing your relationships.”

The Millionaire to Billionaire Network under the Project 41k umbrella gives untethered access to the world’s number one personal development application. Some of the features include a daily success planner, daily financial planner, daily goal book, and many other features. Perks that members of the community stand to enjoy include 4% Royalties split into Holder Pool, 1% Royalties split to 5 Random Holders/MONTH, Staking to Earn, access The Millionaires to Billionaires Mastermind, EARN TO LEARN Success Education, real-life events on yachts and Mansions, high-end NFT Fashion Brand (50% to Holders). The GMB Education Pass NFT Collection will also launch sometime along the roadmap and will be airdropped to holders of Project 41K for FREE.

Holders Exotic Car NFT also served as their Millionaires to Billionaires membership card and gives them access to members-only benefits like access to THE M/B MASTERMIND, a collaborative Business/Investment Group of Millionaires & Billionaires. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation. A vibrant Discord channel is already in the works where business-minded individuals and entrepreneurs get to converge and thrive in their respective businesses.

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