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Promising NFT Collection Cat People Providing Exquisite 3D Art and Impressive Utility

It has long been established that cats are the most beloved animal on the internet, as evidenced by their countless adorable pictures, funny memes, and hilarious videos that pepper the online sphere. However, this time, a team of creative minds has decided to pay tribute to these felines through the exciting NFT venture – Cat People.

It is a collection of 9,999 ERC-721 non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The highly promising project features exquisite art pieces and captivating lore whilst offering amazing utilities and benefits.

One thing that makes Cat People stand out is its immaculate art, which is 100% made in 3D in a cohesive and stylized manner. As the project’s insightful developers confidently explained, “None of our assets are pre-made. Instead, they have all been meticulously modeled out to a very high standard.”

On top of that, these three-dimensional artworks not only have unique designs, but more importantly, they are highly functional. Furthermore, its creators have made sure that, unlike other NFT collections, these characters fit in seamlessly with the project’s upcoming game. 

The one-of-a-kind avatars take the form of Cat People, a civilization from a faraway galaxy traveling across the metaverse in search of a new source of energy. They eventually discover Earth, brimming unlimited amounts of electricity from mutated fish, but with no traces of the human race, who eventually became extinct after catastrophic nuclear wars.

Aside from these, token holders can also expect more improvements and developments as the venture continues to fulfill its roadmap. For example, a white paper containing the details of the token economy structure will be released within the first quarter of 2022. 

Fun competitions and giveaways will also be conducted to help passionate community members secure minting spots. In addition, special items that can be traded or used in the metaverse will be airdropped along the way.

Because of its excellent artworks and abundant benefits, the project has captured the attention of cat lover NFT enthusiasts, investors, and collectors as well as gamers and game developers. Additionally, it has a remarkable community of like-minded individuals who share ideas through its dedicated Discord server. Cat People also shares project updates with its followers on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Through its well-thought-out roadmap and unrivaled utility, Cat People is on its way to fulfilling its exemplary vision of building a blockchain-powered, open-world metaverse that bridges players and creatives in a metacommerce ecosystem.

As the dynamic team behind Cat People has positively said, “As our collection revolves around alien cats, the Cat People, we have and continue to attract those who love aliens and felines. Everyone joining the community has an interest in NFTs and the potential that NFTs have in the future of digital ownership and more.”

The up-and-coming NFT collection will have its pre-mint sale for whitelisted wallets on March 2 at 16:00 CST. The public sale will immediately follow the day after, March 3, at 16:00 CST.

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