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Psytrance Pig NFT Collection Tapping into Music Technology and Innovation

The non-fungible token and blockchain spaces seem to be on a roll for the past few years with their seamless integrations into different areas like finance, art, charity, and nature preservation. A team of artists, developers, and music lovers have now created Psytrance Pig NFT collection to integrate with the entertainment industry, specifically music.

Psytrance Pig NFT is a collection of tokens looking to revolutionize how people experience and enjoy music digitally. The collection features 10,000 pieces of digital art, and it is making a big entrance into the music scene in unprecedented ways.

Seeing how NFTs have completely dominated the art world and added more value to artworks, early investors have taken advantage of the trend by acquiring these tokens for themselves. The promise of value, easy access, and guaranteed unique ownership have continued to make NFTs attractive for people who have fully adopted online financial investments. Psytrance Pig is taking advantage of that space to entice music lovers.

Psytrance Pig is characterized by a cartoon hog character with a unique backstory. According to the NFT’s official website, a special pig born on a mushroom plantation turned into the first alpha pigman after it ate a thunderstruck psychedelic mushroom. This began a new army of hip pig characters. The complete collection is all about art, music, and a psychedelic experience.

Psytrance Pig NFT collection is hosted on the Ethereum Network with each piece sporting a unique look based on 173 traits. Despite having the same base and source backstory, no two pieces in the collection are the same. The pig character is the unifying characteristic but each of them have distinct accessories ranging from laser beams shooting out of their eyes, cigars, headgears, etc.

The most notable feature of the Psytrance Pig collection is its integration with the music world. It is set to become the first token with a virtual music festival linked to it, which the creators have named Psyverse and will only be accessible to those who own a Psytrance token. 

The Psytrance artwork has also received rave reviews for its visual quality, which the creators have described as deliberate. They set out to create an attention-grabbing artwork, and they have done that successfully with the collection. “Our artworks are focused on the psychedelic aspects of Psytrance music. We embrace oddity with a hint of cheekiness through the personification of Psypigs as expressed in our artworks,” one of the creators said.

Once the NFT hits the 60% sales milestone, planning for the Psyverse will begin, and it has promised to bring on board some notable artists. When the sales hit 80%, the member-exclusive Psytrance merch store will open, which features limited edition T-shirts, hoodies, and other goodies. And finally, once all the tokens have been sold, Phase 2 will begin, which means the team will start the production of the music videos and the metaverse.

Learn more about Psytrance Pigs by checking out their website, Twitter account, and Discord channel.

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