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Puptown Houston Dog Training: The Real World Dog Training

For some family dogs, their fate lies in cold steel cages found in their owners’ homes. Many of these pets are restricted from playing around the house for various reasons, mostly bordering around aggressive behavior. Puptown Houston Dog Training is a passionate company that seeks to make a difference in the lives of pets and pet owners by training dogs to become part of the family.

The beginnings of Puptown Houston Dog Training stems from a very interesting story of its founder, Sheena Zaidi. As a Muslim woman, her love for dogs was not acceptable in the religious community as Islam does not allow ownership of dogs. But she was not ready to give up her passion for animals, and she was determined to pursue her dream of a dog training facility. Although the unfortunate situation caused her to be cast out of her religious community and despite her encounters of racism along the way, she is happily building an empire in the dog training industry today.

The company was founded on providing people with a training option that would, ultimately, allow their pets “to be part of the family environment.” Every year, the dog training company also provides service dogs to veterans, children with Autism, and adults who are suffering PTSD, mobility difficulties, hearing impairment, and more.

Aside from its impressive training service, another commitment that makes this dog training facility stand out is its philanthropic endeavors. Funds gathered from service dog work are used to help raise money for grants and scholarship programs. A percentage of Puptown Houston Dog Training’s income is annually donated to different local non-profit organizations as well.

The company takes pride in providing “real world” dog training. For clients who wish to bring their dogs at the beach, on a picnic, or at their favorite coffee shop, having a well-behaved pet that will not become overwhelmed with the situation is important, and that is what Puptown Houston Dog Training seeks to help with.

With very high-standards of care, the certified and experienced trainers from Puptown Houston Dog Training use their 25 years of expertise in training the animals. They utilize the four quadrants of learning to achieve high-quality and long-lasting results in a short period. The trainers focus on training dogs in ways that the owners can replicate themselves. More than fancy tricks and gimmicks, the goal is achieving real-world training.

Since Puptown Houston Dog Training believes that training never ends, the training packages come with lifetime support and 24/7 care services. For walks, playtime, and snuggle time, clients do not have to make additional payments as the company believes these are requirements that every dog should receive.

Indeed, Puptown Houston Dog Training serves clients with unmatched passion, work ethic, and dedication. The dog training services of this company are perfect for passionate dog lovers who wish to give their dogs the best care and training experience that will last a lifetime.

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