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Quiktok Is the Bridge Connecting Content Creators and Brands

The entertainment industry is flourishing due to the presence of new technologies and media platforms. Artists from across the globe can easily make content with just a few taps on their mobile phones or a few clicks on their computers. However, not all content creators turn their reach to something profitable; this is where Quiktok comes in. 

Quiktok is the only public influencer marketplace huge enough to significantly improve their clients’ reach in just a matter of minutes. Alex Boro and Tanner Kesel co-founded the company. It was launched in mid-March, just in time when people got stuck in their houses. As the COVID-19 pandemic is still being solved, people are more likely to search for entertainment in the most accessible way possible, through social media. The presence of TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and other media platforms paved the way for businesses to promote their products and services. Quiktok serves as the bridge between influencers and companies for making active promotions. In Quiktok, they value transparency. They would like the influencers to stay true to their branding and themselves; hence, the freedom Quiktok is giving them for their content and other matters. They value the content creators and give them freedom for what promotions to cater to and set the pricing. The same goes for the brands looking for influencers to promote. Quiktok gives them the freedom to choose the right influencer that would be the perfect fit for their campaign. 

Unlike other companies, Quiktok makes sure that both parties will not be exploited. Expectations and scope for promotions are set and communicated to brands, companies, and influencers. Quiktok has been doing this since they noticed how artists and brands are not given the right treatment in this industry. They also promise to be hands-on with all their clients as much as their clients want them to be. 

With a starting price of $25, promotions are available for everyone. Quiktok has a reach of 750 million and is exponentially growing due to them having more than 700 influencers on their ship. Quiktok gives promotions the chance to go viral and expand their reach without having to go over budget. Quiktok allows its influencers to leave whenever they want and makes sure that the influencers stay with them at will. 

Quiktok is focusing on how they can grow as of the moment, and they look for ways to innovate. They will soon be releasing a mobile application, both for iOS and Android users, to provide an easier way of purchasing promotions. They provide people in the marketing industry, an option for them to work more efficiently anytime, anywhere. Also, content creators will be updated regularly about purchasing promotions through push notifications. Quiktok’s goal of bridging the gap between companies and influencers will soon reach greater lengths as they are planning to optimize their reach even on Instagram and YouTube. They will be releasing this feature in September, which opens more opportunities for purchasing promotions. 

Head on to their official website to see samples of their work and get in touch with them.

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