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Real Estate Powerhouse Eva Garzon on Taking Center Stage Through Dedication and Persistence

The value of hard work can never be stressed enough. In the face of challenges, the dedication and persistence with which people go after their dreams can spell the difference between failure and success. As Eva Garzon continues to rise as a household name in the business industry, she hopes to serve as an inspiration to others, sending the message that everything is possible when one is committed to their vision.

Born in Avila, Spain, this powerhouse moved to Madrid to study Business Administration. She graduated with flying colors in 2012 from the University Pontificia of Comillas and has been leaving a mark in the commercial space ever since. 

Early on, Eva Garzon has demonstrated excellence in several aspects of her life. As a student, she earned the recognition of being one of Madrid’s best, as evidenced by her Goya Mundus Scholarship. In 2010, this go-getter was also a part of an elite list of students under a scholarship program, which specializes in business networking, banking, and international relationships, of the New York-based Fordham University.

After she graduated, Eva Garzon dipped her toes in the Miami real estate market, and three years afterward, the fempreneur obtained her broker license and opened her brokerage firm. Although her initial interests were always in sales and marketing, the passion this respected figure has for real estate was fueled when she was selected to be a part of The Advanced Analytic Intelligence Cathedra, a Big Data institution in Spain that analyzes different markets.

Today, the Spanish businesswoman takes credit for the establishment of the esteemed The Grand Lion Real Estate Group, a brokerage firm based in Miami that manages a portfolio of $500M on assets. It represents some of the most wealthy family offices from varying Latin American countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina, as well as handles Europe-based institutions. 

Amidst a plethora of highly competitive firms that continue to saturate the real estate industry, Eva Garzon remains a standout because of her extensive market knowledge and strong negotiation skills. Her impressive proficiency has enabled her to propel her company toward the forefront of the Miami market. 

Additionally, she is able to bank on her past involvement in the fashion scene to widen her network. For a couple of years, this multi-faceted personality modeled as a hobby, providing her with the opportunity to collaborate and build relationships with several power players.

Included in her growing list of career milestones is opening a new office in Brickell City Centre, a billion-dollar retail street-level space located in one of the most visited areas in the city. Eva Garzon has graced several high-end and notable real estate magazines, as well, from Real DEAL to Brickell Living. 

The well-recognized businesswoman shows no sign of slowing down, even with numerous accomplishments under her belt. She aims to expand her business to other countries and widen the scope of her venture in the coming years, all the while serving as an inspiration to others. 

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