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Redefining Beauty Standards with Niki Srinivasa

Women have continuously been subjected to outrageous beauty standards that some can no longer keep up with. And more often than not, these women who found themselves gasping for air while trying to stay afloat are the same people who suffered from constant bullying.

This is truly an unfortunate circumstance that no woman should ever face in her entire life. Seeing how this issue continues to plague women around the world, Niki Srinivasa seeks to get to grips with it.

Recognized for her awe-inspiring contributions to the spheres of fashion and entertainment, Niki Srinivasa exactly knew how these debilitating aesthetic stereotypes negatively impacted women in all aspects of their lifetimes. And as she continues to trailblaze the industry with her undeniable skill and unparalleled talent, Niki intends to use her platform as an instrument of change for the oppressed and the unheard.

Coming from a place of vulnerability where doubts and fears ruled its corners, Niki had her fair share of trials in the past. With media vehemently portraying beauty that is found in skinny figures and fair complexion, Niki felt out of place and slowly started to lose her self-confidence. She was persistently bullied for her looks, which made her struggle from recognizing her true worth. These circumstances immensely struck her that it subsequently discouraged her from moving forward. But when a light came knocking to her door, Niki realized that her looks and disposition were not the problems in this narrative.

Niki’s monumental recoil from darkness propelled her to become a beacon of hope for people who lost their sense of self while trying to fit into the molds of society’s expectations. With a knack for fashion and couture, Niki decided to create a path where she can showcase her mastery of the craft. But aside from being a display of talent, it is also geared towards materializing her purpose – that is, to break the barriers built by stereotypical views for women to attain self-confidence, regardless of what they look like.

As an epitome of female empowerment, Niki has made bold strides in the world of fashion and entertainment. Her masterful pieces of art have led her to participate in iconic fashion shows and events such as New York and Paris Fashion Week, Vogue Forces of Fashion, The Conscious Fashion Campaign, and BigThinx, the world’s first virtual fashion show. She has also collaborated with some fashion moguls like ModCloth and Tommy Hilfiger. Moreover, Niki’s prowess in the realms of fashion and couture has allowed her to receive a prestigious International Design Award. And proving to be unstoppable, Niki was dubbed as a “talent to watch” by Flying Solo.

But aside from showcasing her creative flair, Niki’s purpose of attaining success is far beyond self-serving pursuits. Being passionate about empowering others, Niki founded a non-profit organization built with a mission to serve women and children in marginalized communities around the world. Through its unique initiatives, Niki hopes to provide accessible educational opportunities in an effort to foster support and collaboration inside these sectors across the globe.

Looking back to the time when she felt lost and inadequate, Niki reveals that it took her some time to acknowledge her self-worth. But instead of allowing people’s perceptions of beauty to overpower her entire existence, she fortified herself. And now that Niki has reached the peak of self-development, she hopes to embolden other women to recognize that beauty is more than what society has set. It is in accepting one’s flaws that make each and every woman beautiful.

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