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ReelTalk: An Upcoming Revolution in Social Media

With the global connection that the Internet and social media supposedly bring us, it has become clear that a sense of alienation and isolation has permeated our daily lives instead. Differences are highlighted, creating a social distance that reaches into the core of who we are. Instead of connecting to one another, we are becoming estranged, disheartened, and indifferent. ReelTalk recognizes the disconnect that is happening and hopes to be the bridge to bring people back together. Aimed toward giving an equal voice to everyone, it is a social media platform that delivers trending movements to you. 

ReelTalk was founded in 2019 by 23-year-olds Matt Jangaard and Ryan Watson. They saw the disconnect that was occurring within the social media networking sites and sought to fill in the lack of engagement among users. Their goal is for people to come together and build community  through like-minded movements. 

Users are invited to pick movements they want to be a part of. 

This is the first social media platform that allows all political parties to band together on one app, and facilitates members to be with like-minded individuals. The app gives every user the option to affiliate themselves with a specific party: Republican, Democrat, Independent, No Political Party. 

Once done, users can then choose what movements they want to join. Politics, sports, fashion and music are among the many genres of movements which are being uploaded daily.

ReelTalk offers a unique homepage experience with the home feed broken into three main sections, namely the feature page, friends, and political movement. Depending on what other movements the user has selected, more options will appear for them to engage in.

The app is guaranteed to be extremely user-friendly. Its profile is very similar to Instagram and its friend system like Facebook’s. Users will have no problem navigating it. The interactive map  is a feature that sets this app apart. Found on the home page, users can click the map to see the locations of their friends who have opted for their locations to be displayed. The map shows six filter news icons, including coronavirus, snow, flood, fire, car crash, and shooting. This feature highlights current events in a new, interactive way. For example,  if you choose to click on the gun icon, news articles about this filter can inform you of a shooting incident in the last 24 hours at that particular location.

Lastly, the map can be optimized to display where messages have been sent off from. If the user sends a message concerning an upcoming home party, whoever they sent the message to can see the location of the party and rsvp at the same time.

ReelTalk will revolutionize the way we perceive social media. Every user will have the chance to inspire movements and bring people together in a way that leaves no one feeling isolated. 

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