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Republican Party Now Controls the House of Representatives

As soon as the Republican Party seized the 218 seats required for a majority, they took over the House of Representatives.

As a result of this recent event, the US Congress’ Upper and Lower Houses will be led by different parties. After winning the swing state of Nevada, the Democratic Party already holds the majority in the Senate. Political analysts predict that Biden will have greater trouble executing his ideas because the opposing party won the Lower House. The GOP will dictate the pace at which proposed measures pass the lower House.

The Democratic Party formerly had a slim majority in both Houses. This aided Biden in advancing his goals and enacting legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act. However, rival parties now have control of Congress. Biden will thus encounter increased opposition.

“They will no longer be able to do that, because to move through the budget process, you need support within. Essentially among your party, and Republicans and Democrats would not agree to move in such sweeping legislation like that,” said an expert.

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Pelosi, in response to the Republican win

A Nancy Pelosi aide indicated the speaker would announce her plans when the GOP’s victory over the House of Representatives officially came about.

“The Speaker plans to address her future plans tomorrow to her colleagues. So stay tuned,” her aide said.

However, Pelosi issued a statement ahead of the scheduled speech:

“This year, House Democrats defied expectations with an excellent performance: running their races with courage, optimism and determination. In the next Congress, House Democrats will continue to play a leading role in supporting President Biden’s agenda — with strong leverage over a scant Republican majority.

“House Democrats are thrilled to have so many terrific new and returning Members to the House, who will reinvigorate our Caucus with their energy, diversity and patriotism. We salute our departing Members for their magnificent leadership, achieving landmark progress on health care, climate action, infrastructure, gun violence, veterans and more that can never be diminished. At least three critical states are still counting ballots. We are endlessly grateful to those who continue their patriotic work to ensure each vote is counted as cast.”

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The future GOP plans

The GOP’s program and strategy will advance with the victory of the Lower House. The Republican Party can win over many people with the help of this effective machinery. Additionally, the GOP will make every effort to develop policies in the two years leading up to the elections in 2024 because the next presidential election draws near.

The GOP will now have an edge in forming committees, impacting Biden’s reputation and the Democratic Party. In addition, these committees will have the authority to look into the Biden presidency.

Biden still retains the authority to veto legislation from the Lower House under the principle of balance of powers. That, however, has two sides to it. Depending on how the parties advance their agendas, the condition will prove a good platform for both parties. But if Biden unintentionally vetoes GOP legislation that benefits the nation, he may face public backlash, hurting the Democratic Party’s hopes of winning the 2024 presidential election.

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Source: CNN

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