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Rick Frisk of Green Compass Dominating the CBD Industry

The CBD industry has grown tremendously in the past few months since being declared legal by the United States markets. Consequently, entrepreneurs are now riding the wave of success of the high-demand product. One such business owner is Rick Frisk, an advocate of Green Compass CBD products.

Rick is an entrepreneur who has his eyes set on the goal at all times. He has spent the last fifteen years dominating in network marketing by applying his business savvy into moving products and building dream teams to help accelerate  company  growth. 

Before adopting multi-level marketing strategies to increase his net worth, Rick already found success through his brick-and-mortar ventures. For five and a half years, he operated Advanced Laser Clinics, a corporate medical spa with seventy-eight locations and seventy  franchises dotting the map of America. The decade and a half that he spent in executing for brands in the cosmetic surgery industry helped form his work ethic and business prowess to prepare him for the most significant break of his life. 

Rick jumped into the opportunity of representing CBD products created by the network marketing corporation called Green Compass. Since the United States courts started legalizing the use of medical marijuana, the sale and use of CBD have rapidly increased. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a Cannabis-derived material that has therapeutic benefits to help with anxiety, cognition problems, movement disorders, and individual levels of pain.

Green Compass is one of the leading growers and manufacturers of the product. The company’s farm management team at North Carolina commits to the highest and most ethical level of growth of organic hemp plants. The process excludes the use of chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides, and relies heavily on topping crops and keeping pests away by hand.

With the growth in demand for CBD, Green Compass is quickly building a highly-profitable company. But at the core of the company’s values is a desire to share the wealth. Green Cross has primarily adopted a multi-level marketing structure to distribute its products, which distributes the wealth with the highly-driven entrepreneurs that partner with Green Compass through their affiliate program. 

One of those entrepreneurs is none other than Rick himself. By nature, Rick is results-driven and enjoys leading and building teams that are focused on the common goal of attaining financial success and personal freedom. And as a result of his tireless labor, Rick has joined an elite club of multi-million dollar earners and has helped other distributors reach the same level of success as well. 

Today, Rick is ready to grow a worldwide team of sales professionals who will bring the benefits of CBD products and Green Company’s affiliate system to those who seek ways to turn a profit from a high-quality product. The network marketing expert is showing no signs of slowing down, and the world is his for the taking. Rick operates and leads his team, “Rick Frisk Building the Dream,” primarily from Sacramento, California. To learn more about Green Compass’ CBD products, you can visit Rick’s online shop. Learn more about Green Compass through their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

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