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Rising NFT Tropical Turtles Helps Investors Get Massive Gains While Saving Sea Turtles in the Process

NFTs have seen a massive rise as of late. Artists all over the world have been releasing their own collections, and investors have been quick to invest in this innovative take on the modern art scene. One of the latest tokens to come out of this surge in popularity is the NFT known as Tropical Turtles.

Tropical Turtles is a low-supply and high-demand art collection that has been gaining a lot of momentum since its launch. The collection features a cast of cute turtle characters that are entirely unique and distinctive from one another. The characters wear a variety of accessories such as hats, eyewear, and different backgrounds.

The token sets itself apart from the rest of all the collections out there by raising funds and regularly donating to the Turtle Conservancy. Tropical Turtles doubles up as a movement to save the endangered Sea Turtles through its charitable endeavours. It is estimated that only one out of every 1,000 turtles get to live its entire lifetime. This is often due to the danger posed by poachers in various parts of the world.

Tropical Turtles offers its help to curb this prevalent problem by working together with credible charities such as the Turtle Conservancy. The rising token features digital art created by the loving hands of popular digital artist Eday, while Loya runs the marketing and Ghost is in charge of the development of the NFT.

The team recently launched the NFT on September 28, 2021, and its value has only been scaling up since then. Tropical Turtles is currently available on Open Sea with a current valuation average of about 0.3 Ethereum per contract. Today, over 900 of these contracts have now been purchased by investors and collectors, increasing the valuation by ten-fold in just over a few weeks.

The Tropical Turtles team has given away multiple freebies and donated up to $10,000 to the Turtle Conservancy, which is a big move towards the token’s initiative. Once investors pick up all of the 1,500 NFT contracts, the team will donate another 10 Ethereum to the Turtle Conservancy, which will go for at least $30,000 in value with regards to the token’s valuation trajectory.

Furthermore, the team is currently gearing up to release yet another NFT digital art with a different character called the Tropical Otters. The initiative will also be a movement to save another endangered animal, the otter.

So far, the Tropical Turtles team has worked hard to launch the project. They have managed to foster a strong community that has shown their support to the project and to each other. Currently, the token boasts a 50% unique ownership community, which is at the higher tier of the NFT community. In the near future, the team hopes to continue to grow their community with more good stuff coming down the line.

It’s clear to see that NFTs are changing the modern art scene. It provides a way for ownership to be truly attained by investors without having to consult a middleman. This is truly the future of art, and Tropical Turtles is at the forefront of this change.Learn more about the Tropical Turtles NFT by checking out the website. For more live updates, follow the token’s Twitter account.

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