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Robert Francis: Meet TikTok’s New Aspiring Bright Star

There are a lot of factors to consider to achieve an instantaneous rise to stardom, but for Robert Francis, his holy trinity for virality are: enthusiasm, satire, and comedy. With TikTok becoming the perfect avenue to become an internet sensation, Francis is all ready to make a dent in the new media and entertainment industry.

TikTok’s global reach boosts thousands of users’ profiles in the industry. Each user produces content whatever they like. Whether it is entertainment, exercise, lifestyle, educational, sports, or motivational short videos. For Robert Francis, his holy trinity works best for comedy and motivational content. His healthy mix of humor and motivation reflected in his videos has produced a handful of viral videos.

“I have a unique ability to produce uplifting comedy and motivational videos. While keeping a grounded bearing on the abnormal. To put it simply, I put out weird videos but not weird enough to be off-putting,” Robert Francis said.

With more than 206,000 followers and more than 3 million total likes, his profile is getting quite the attention in the community. Moreover, this aptly explains his success in the platform and also in another platform, which is YouTube. His success in the platform has earned him recognition from major networks. He has appeared on MTV, ABC, and TrueTV. 

Many would have thought that the stardom of Robert Francis is synthetically made because of TikTok. However, that impression would be false. Francis’ genuine enthusiasm and efforts that exude positivity have always been there since he was a kid. At a very young age, he landed his first venture into acting — his now-lawyer sister introduced him to his first play. 

Asked about who his idol is, Francis said that all actors are his idols. However, he emphasized that Tom Hanks serves as his inspiration. “He’s such a genuinely good guy that has made it in the industry through hard work and talent but has never forgotten where he comes from,” he said.

With the ongoing pandemic stalling a lot of people’s plans, Francis decided to focus more on producing short videos to improve his craft and share his genuine attitude. And luckily, his efforts have paid off pretty well as it is positively received by millions of users on the platform.

Currently, Robert Francis is dedicated to evolving his craft more. He is looking into the prospects of developing his brand and image.

“I plan to move my social media gains into a more mainstream platform or an entirely new social media-focused platform that will help foster my creativity and expansion.”

With his passion to improve in making short videos, Robert Francis will also be giving himself some relaxation in the upcoming years. The viral sensation is optimistic that he will soon have his own comedy travel show. That way, he is hitting two birds with one stone: traveling and doing what he loves. Additionally, he will soon launch his own merch later this year. 

For four years, Francis has relied heavily on acting. This is why he is hoping that he will be casted in more projects. Although he has not made any outstanding product in movies, his involvement in TikTok has helped him gain happiness, relief, and recognition.

“Being able to create and develop all of the content I want, without limitations, is extremely freeing for me as an artist. It gives me the freedom to take big chances and is pretty forgiving when I fail and extremely encouraging when I succeed. Either way, it’s a venue that gives me immediate feedback into what is and more importantly, is not, working in my craft.”

Collaborate with him by visiting his TikTok account.

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