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Robert Miller and the Captify Consulting Team Join Forces with Powerhouse duo Ali and Shawn of Principles Creative Studio to Create a Branding and Digital Marketing Machine

Businessman and social media marketing expert Robert Miller has joined forces with one of the most sought after branding experts and authors of 2020. Ali and Shawn from Houston, Texas have designed brands all across multiple industries and their unique designs have gained much traction on social media. After connecting at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference in February, Captify Consulting and Principles Creative Studio are focused on changing the marketing game by delivering a combination of high quality professional branding with killer advertising campaigns for entrepreneurs, coaches, and corporations to take their business to the next level. 

About Captify

The sole desire of Captify is to make sure it is literally the single most profitable investment a business makes, period. The agency not only runs digital marketing and social media campaigns, but helps business owners, entrepreneurs and companies set up their systems and help automate their processes to make their campaigns as effective as possible! Every business needs systems, a social media presence, and killer campaigns that convert. From eCommerce businesses, to entrepreneurs selling info products, Captify helps businesses create a customized campaign to get your message in front of the right people, at the right place at the right time.

Robert Miller, founder of Captify said “We take what a business has, and get their message in front of the right people. With our strategies, we take people from being a prospect all the way into a converting paying customer.”

Investing in social media marketing with Captify may be the missing link between having a stagnant business to a growing one. They’ve helped many businesses of different sizes scale, expand operations and automate systems all through effective marketing. Their team of experts propels businesses forward in the ever changing digital world.

About Principles Creative Studio

After leaving corporate America and parting ways with previous draining business partnerships, Shawn and Ali combined their talents and named their company Principles with one goal in mind: To create a movement with specific values and morals that not only would young entrepreneurs relate to, but resonate with; in all aspects of their lifestyle. After all, great business is conducted best when you have the right team by your side. After their book launch early March, Principles has been gaining traction at an exponential rate. Ali and Shawn have built a team of talented creatives all over the world, only hiring those that can deliver the highest quality and execute on their fast paced workload. From high end graphics and unique merch designs to captivating social media brands. They can even build websites and custom software for their clients. The team of experts have been personally trained in design, development, customer satisfaction, and systematic operations that enable the business to be virtually operated and automated without sacrificing any quality. 

“We are blessed enough to live in an age where we have access to the most powerful tool on earth – the internet. It has changed the way we learn, communicate, and conduct business. And we must capitalize on it every single chance we get. When we started, we wanted to create a brand, a movement, and several strategic partnerships that everyone can learn and benefit from. That’s why Robert is the perfect strategic partner. Not only does he uphold our Principles, he’s a great communicator, accountability buddy, and he feeds off of our energy. It’s the perfect combination and we have been moving fast since we first met, with so much more planned for this year,” says Haseeb Ali.

The Powerhouse Team

After several zoom conversations Shawn, Ali and Robert created a partnership that can leverage both parties’ strengths, and cover each other’s weaknesses. They brainstormed strategies on team building, eye catching design, Automation tools, systems and operations, lead generation, funnel building, and essentially every component of running a digital agency. With daily accountability calls, mastermind sessions, and plenty of deliverables for client projects, Captify and Principles has created a one stop shop for any brands’ marketing needs. Principles handles the first piece of the puzzle creating a brand, the messaging, the look and feel, and executing design elements on all digital platforms. Then the ball is in Captfy’s court, creating custom advertising strategies that convert into sales for virtually any business. The synergy between these two teams enable them to work hand in hand delivering insane results in a short amount of time. The trio reunited and filmed several pieces of content during Robert’s business trip out to Houston. With that being said, Robert will also be featured in the latest episode of the Create Your Frequency Podcast. The young entrepreneurs have already created ripples in the digital marketing space and the year is only half way complete. We can’t wait to see how quarter 3 and 4 turn out for Captify and Principles. You can connect with the gentleman on any of their social media platforms.






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