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Russia to Carry on With Grain Export Deal

Russia announced it would keep its involvement in the Black Sea Grain Export Agreement, sending positive signals to dependent countries.

According to the Russian government, Putin decided to resume the deal because Ukraine guaranteed not to militarize the maritime deal. Grain exports are essential to the international community. Many countries rely heavily on grain exports from Ukraine and Russia. The combined exports of the two countries account for one-third of the global grain supply. When Russia withdrew its support for the agreement, experts predicted that prices would shoot up.

“Taking into account the act of terrorism committed by the Kyiv regime with the participation of British experts on October 29 this year against the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civil vessels involved in the security of the ‘grain corridor,’ the Russian side suspends its participation in the implementation of the agreements on the export of agricultural products from the Ukrainian ports,” the Russian defense ministry said a while back.

However, following days of pressure from the international community, Russia caved and maintained its support for the agreement. The countries initially drafted the agreement to restrict wheat and rice prices and reduce global food shortages.

“Thanks to the participation of an international organization, as well as the assistance of Turkey, it was possible to obtain the necessary written guarantees from Ukraine on the non-use of the humanitarian corridor and Ukrainian ports designated for the export of agricultural products for conducting military operations against the Russian Federation,” the Russian defense said in a statement.

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Russia sustaining pressure

Following Russia’s pullout from the agreement, the United Nations formally petitioned Russia. Unfortunately, the country’s export reduction means another disaster for many nations.

“We’ve seen the reports from the Russian Federation regarding the suspension of their participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative following an attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet. We are in touch with the Russian authorities on this matter,” announced UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is in talks with Russia to reactivate the export agreement. Many countries wished for a resolution, and their efforts were fruitful.

“The Ukrainian side officially assured that the maritime humanitarian corridor will be used only in accordance with the provisions of the Black Sea Initiative,” the Russian Defense Ministry added.

“The Russian Federation considers that the guarantees received at the moment seem sufficient and resumes the implementation of the agreement – the Initiative for the safe transportation of grain and food from the ports of Ukraine (the “Black Sea Initiative”), suspended after the terrorist attack in Sevastopol.”

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The country receiving the blackmail

Mykhailo Podolyak, the presidential adviser, discussed the problems surrounding Russia’s resumption of the agreement. He stated that the country restarted the grain export deal not because the Russian government succumbed to the ‘blackmails’ but for another reason.

“One way or another, Russia, embarrassed, returned to the grain initiative. Because it suddenly turned out that the grain corridor would work. And even without the Kremlin’s participation. This says only one thing: Russia is always inferior to those who are stronger, those who know how to take a blow, those who argue their position strongly,” he said.

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Source: CNBC

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