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Ryan Hopkins Leading the Way for Modern Artists

There are a handful of artists that play influential roles in the industry. One such role player in the field is modern artist Ryan Hopkins of Hopkins Original Art Gallery. As a best-selling and awarding-winning artist, his role as a trend-setter in the art world is without question. 

Ryan has always had a strong passion for creative arts. He first discovered his talent for art and design at an early age. By the time he turned 14 years old, Ryan had already started winning art competitions. His talent and drive afforded him admission to the prestigious Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut where he earned a degree in architectural design and fine arts. At Yale, Ryan would gain exposure to various schools of thought that would shape his understanding of art and design. 

After graduating from Yale, Ryan would start working as a designer for architects and real estate developers. Yet as much as he excelled in his job, the artist yearned for more freedom to express his innate desires through painting and drawing. He took the leap of faith and rented out an old garage, which he turned into his art studio.

At Yale and after graduating, he would travel to Manhattan to immerse himself in art and culture, often wandering around museums and art galleries. He also absorbed knowledge and insight from his world-renowned professors and mentors, such as the well-known art historian Vincent Scully. Ryan spent a great deal of time, continually exposing himself to the best. This commitment would soon transform him into the level of artist that he is today. 

When observing Ryan’s art, what stands out is his mastery of colors, often creating vivid works that stand out and catch one’s attention at first glance. Ryan is not just creative. He is also highly technical in his approach, almost scientific to a degree. With his mastery and expression level, it’s no wonder that his art sells so well in the art market. To date, Ryan has created and sold over one thousand pieces to clients from all around the world. In the past three years, the art world has recognized him as one of its most prolific sellers. 

Many of Ryan Hopkins’ early paintings blended figuration, abstract expressionism, and collage. Even from the start, collectors connected with the artist’s expressive work. It wouldn’t take long for Ryan’s work to start appearing in many private collections around the globe. 

Ryan’s philosophy is “to discover the never before seen.” He does not live within the confines of what has already been defined. He continually battles to push the limits and create new realities within the art space. Many enthusiasts describe his work as fluid and moving, stating that his work “doesn’t just hang there,” but “demonstrates a natural interaction with gravity, evaporation, and gestural force.” For Ryan, his work is his way of expressing and translating his inner thoughts and visions. He strives to create art that audiences can participate in. 

Moreover, Ryan seeks to create art that anyone can afford and enjoy. The artist aims for international renown and will not stop until he gets there. To learn more about Ryan Hopkins, check out the Hopkins Original Art Gallery website and Ryan’s Facebook page.

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