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Ryan O’Rourke: The Math Behind Winning Sports Betting

Sports betting is becoming an increasingly popular hobby among Americans. Over the years it has layid low and only most of all, the legality of it stirred up the buried interest of long-time sports enthusiasts, making it the center of peoples’ attention recently. With billions of dollars on the line in each year’s Super Bowl, it’s no surprise they are ready to bet and play the percentages.

However, it is crucial to remember that there are still limits on how much you may win or lose when betting on sports—and what happens when you are against the odds? Making money from your bets requires expertise and technique.

Ryan O’Rourke, a former Division 1 collegiate athlete at Arizona State University with over ten years of sports betting experience, recognized an opportunity to make use of his statistics and athletic knowledge to aid sports enthusiasts in making money from sports betting. He had always excelled in sports, allowing him to see minute details that others would overlook, and his quantitative aptitude enabled the construction of a system with a consistent success rate of more than 60%. Ultimately, he takes pride in his abilities which most other sports consultants lack.

He gradually gained confidence and expertise in spotting winning sports lines. After a few years of predicting winners, the turning point of his career came. During the 2018 NBA season, he made a significant monetary impact and wagered $100,000 from February to April 2018. “That’s when I realized I had something,” he said. “I established a technique using my statistics background, and after two to three months of nailing a high proportion of predictions, I understood this is not luck.” Ryan created a system-like building line, giving him a competitive advantage for his picks.

When asked what he wants to be recognized for, Ryan said, “I want the opportunity to get my knowledge in front of the right people. I do not oversell my picks — I take my time and make sure that the clients I’m working with are making smart investments.”

Ryan also shared his most recent success during the Kansas City-Baltimore football game, when all six of his calculations matched and indicated that his choice had an 80% probability of covering. With his successful prediction of the game’s outcome, O’Rourke’s clients left with deep pockets.

At present, sports betting is becoming more streamlined across major media channels. As this industry grows, O’Rourke will continue to play his cards right and continue to hit the jackpot -for himself and his fellow enthusiasts. “With my system, it’s been proven to be around 59% to 66% on the win rate. But some weeks could be 90% and then the next week 40%, but over the season, it will bring a return of 8% to 15% ROI per month compounded over a six-month season [which] is ten times the return as any 401k,” he said in his ending statement.


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