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Sally Wade: 10 Interesting Facts About The Actress Who Starred On That One Show With The Cool Guy

Sally Wade is an actress who has starred in a popular show on cable TV. This article will give you all the biographical information about her and what she’s been up to lately.

Who is Sally Wade?

Sally Wade is an actress who starred on that one show with the cool guy.

Sally Wade is an actress who starred on the popular show “That One Show with the Cool Guy.” She played the role of Miranda, a quirky girl who always seemed to be in trouble. Wade was nominated for two Emmy Awards for her work on the show.

Was Sally Wade In An Alcoholic Relationship?

Sally Wade was an actress who starred in a show with the cool guy. She was also in an alcoholic relationship.

Some interesting facts about Sally Wade include the following:

-Sally Wade was in an alcoholic relationship. This is something that contributed to her death.
-Sally Wade died as a result of an alcohol-related fall. She was not driving at the time of her death.

What was Sally Wade’s Job Before She Became Famous?

Sally Wade was originally a dancer. She started her career dancing in the ballet company of the New York City Ballet. After she retired from dancing, Wade decided to try her hand at acting.

Wade’s first role was as a guest star on an episode of the show “That ’70s Show”. Her character was a stripper. Wade’s performance on the show caught the attention of casting directors, and she soon landed a role on the show “The Cosby Show”.

Wade starred on “The Cosby Show” for six seasons. She also appeared in several movies during that time. After “The Cosby Show” ended, Wade started to focus more on her acting career.

Today, Sally Wade is a famous actress. She continues to act, and she has even appeared in a few television shows recently. Sally Wade is definitely an interesting person!

The Rise of Sally Wade and What Happened To Her Career

Sally Wade was an actress who starred on one show with the cool guy. She rose to fame during the late 1990s and early 2000s, but her career quickly faded after that show.

Wade was born in 1963 in Connecticut. She first came to prominence as a singer and songwriter. She released her first album in 1991 and made her acting debut in 1993 in a minor role on the TV show “Cheers.”

Wade’s big break came when she starred as Rebecca Winstone on the popular show “That One Show with the Cool Guy.” The show ran for four seasons from 1998 to 2002.

After “That One Show with the Cool Guy,” Wade’s career went into decline. She starred in several TV shows and movies, but most of them were not successful. Her last major role was as Jeanie in the movie “The Proposal” in 2013.

10 Interesting Facts About Sally Wade

Sally Wade is an American actress and model. She is best known for her role as Angela on the television series That ’70s Show.

Sally was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 19, 1968. Her mother, Barbara Wade, is a marketing executive and her father, David Wade, is an actor and producer.

Sally started her career as a fashion model in the early 1990s. She made her acting debut in the movie The Brady Bunch Movie (1998).

In 2003, Sally starred as Angela on the television series That ’70s Show. The show received critical acclaim and was voted number one in both the USA Today and TV Guide polls for Best TV Shows of All Time.

Sally has appeared in several movies since That ’70s Show ended its run in 2006. These include The Omen (2006), Soul Surfer (2011), Valentine’s Day (2010), and We’re The Millers (2013).

Sally married actor Patrick Warburton in a private ceremony on October 25, 2006. They have two children: daughter Greta Warburton (born 2007) and son Bodhi Warburton (born 2009

Sally Wade is an actress who starred on the popular show That One Show with the cool guy. She has also appeared in other TV shows and movies.

Sally Wade was born on October 11, 1974, in London, England. She began her acting career at the age of 12 when she starred in a BBC production of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Wade has starred in several TV shows and movies, including The World’s Fastest Indian (2005), My Week with Marilyn (2011), and What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012). She also appeared in the James Bond movie Skyfall (2012).

Wade is married to actor Jamie Campbell Bower. They have two children together.


If you’re a fan of television, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Sally Wade in some form or another. The actress is most well-known for her role as Sandy on the hit show That ’70s Show, but she’s also appeared in many other popular shows and movies over the years. Here are 10 interesting facts about Sally Wade that you may not have known:

  1. Wade was born and raised in Los Angeles.
  2. She studied at UCLA before landing her breakout role on That ’70s Show as Sandy.
  3. After That ’70s Show ended, Wade starred in several movies and TV shows, including ER and Judging Amy.
  4. In 2006, she released her first book, which became a bestseller due to her candid discussion of drug addiction and mental health issues.
  5. Since 2013, Wade has been married to musician Josh Kelley; they have two children together.
  6. Outside of work, Wade enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking and cooking healthy meals for herself and her loved ones
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