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Samaria Kelly on Raising Awareness About Mental Health

In a world that is bombarded with personal and professional problems, it is no longer uncommon for people to find themselves drowning in overwhelm and overstimulation. And with the daily grind continually wearing everyone down, it is a relief to see passionate individuals like Samaria Kelly who are stepping forward to combat the din and dysfunctions of the current times. 

Known for being one of the foremost advocates of the importance of mental health, Samaria Kelly took it upon herself to create an avenue that aims to quell the hustle and bustle of this ever-competitive world. Emboldened by her mission of sharpening perspectives and illuminating connections, she strives to inspire and encourage people from all walks of life to keep the faith and trust the process. 

Today, people face a seemingly large number of challenges. And according to Samaria Kelly, the only way to overcome the raging war every person is battling is by embodying resilience and fortitude. Out of these two virtues, one can achieve lasting inner and outer peace. 

As someone who used to struggle with finding her place in the world, Samaria Kelly knows what it is like to be on the brink of hopelessness and despair. Because of her previous experiences and misfortunes, she set out to bring people out of misery. And for as long as she can remember, it has long been her dream to push others to step into their light and reclaim their power. 

Having overcome sexual abuse, domestic violence, and depression, Samaria Kelly takes pride in being a survivor who does not back down when life throws hard punches. And harnessing the strength she has accumulated over the years, Samaria wants to serve as an example for those who are going through the same hardships she once did. 

Just recently, Samaria Kelly took a giant leap of faith and left her nine-to-five job as a nurse. Aside from taking heed of the call of entrepreneurship, her shift in career was also brought about by her desire to prioritize spending more time at home with her wonderful one-year-old son. And now that she is already able to live her dreams on her terms, she can confidently say that she made the right choice. 

Samaria Kelly had always known that she had a higher calling to serve others. She also shares that God gifted her with the ability to pull people out of the darkness. In fact, her first-ever self-published book was about her story on overcoming rejection. She even recorded a short album brimming with uplifting music that can tug the heartstrings of any listener. 

On top of her book, music, and other projects, Samaria Kelly will also be launching her clothing line, Thee W.O.R.D., which stands for Win On Repeat Daily. She explains that a portion of the proceedings from that venture will be going to the mental health foundation. 

Fueled by God’s grace, Samaria Kelly has been helping individuals with her encouraging words and warm presence. And as an instrument of promoting mental health awareness, she makes it a point to stir inspiration and spark joy, especially during tough times. 

Hoping to expand her horizons and reach more people, Samaria Kelly wishes to travel around the world. And through this kind of exposure, she believes that she could transform lives by speaking God’s truth and performing on various platforms. 

To know more about Samaria Kelly, you may head on to her website