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Sandra Godfrey Perseveres Through Challenges to Attain Massive Success

Sometimes all it takes to succeed is one interaction that would set the course for a drastic change in one’s life. For Sandra Godfrey, much of it happened when she started a conversation with a friend who connected her with the number one tech giant company in the world for home-based products, BE. Though much of her success began once she partnered up with BE, her hard work and dedication leading up to it should never be forgotten.

Her journey started five years ago when she moved from Nigeria to Los Angeles. When she moved, she had no connections at all, and she was all alone in a big city. Worst of all, she didn’t have a job, something she greatly needed if she wanted to survive in Los Angeles.

So, she decided to dabble in various industries to see where she would fit. At the time, Sandra was working a minimum of three jobs at a time for four years. She worked herself to the bone just to get enough money to get by. Though she didn’t mind all the stress, she knew what had to be done in order to survive.

Eventually, Sandra landed an amazing job working with Marriott international. However, her stint was short-lived due to COVID-19. When the global pandemic hit and the lockdowns were in place, all of Marriott’s employees were unfortunately furloughed, and that included Sandra herself. 

The experience didn’t affect her that much. Sandra quickly looked for new opportunities being as restless as she was. She contacted her friend, who connected her with a home based business company and changed her life forever. Through the help of the company, Sandra was able to set up her own home based trading, travel and e-commerce business.

She made partnerships with renowned traders, learned how to invest, and applied everything she learned, allowing her to earn residual income. Her actions drastically attracted success, and now she is enjoying the fruit of all of her labor. Nowadays, Sandra is a successful home business owner, life coach, and Network marketer.

Sandra would never have imagined that she would attain this much success in such a short span of time. From the moment she set foot in Los Angeles, she had no friends, no job, and no income. Yet, now she has a lot of connections, a lot of clients, and absolute financial freedom. She has coached and mentored numerous people from all over the world, helping them achieve the same level of success that she currently enjoys.  

She hosts virtual public speaking and coaching events, where she guides people towards the right mindset for success. She motivates her clients to improve their lives and achieve their aspirations by creating a sustainable means of income without having to step foot outside. 

Sandra draws her empathy from her own experiences of being struck hard by the global crisis. She has made it her mission to help those that are in need, and she does all of this by utilizing her platform for good. As she continues to help others achieve financial freedom, Sandra is proving that no matter how far one has come in their journey, it’s always important to look to your roots and give back to the people that need help. 

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