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Santana Rodriguez Lands Cover Spot on Amaré Magazine’s Nov/Dec 2020 Issue and Produces “Shaping Up with Santana,” Helping Millions in a Time of Essential Need

Fitness personality, print model, and television host Santana Rodriguez is on the cover of Amaré Magazine’s special edition “Heroes of Change” Nov/Dec 2020 issue. She shares the cover with other celebrities such as Oscar de la Hoya, Jillian Barberie, Garcell Beauvous just to name a few. The special issue is all about giving back. They are all heroes in a special way. 

Santana Rodriguez is giving back in a time of need. She launched an international  television show that is now taking the world by storm. The show is called Shaping Up with Santana. It is a fitness and exercise television show that streams on ROKU and FIRE TV 24/7.  It is helping people maintain a healthy and active lifestyle from the comfort of your home. When health is a crucial component for everyone during a devastating pandemic, Santana comes to the rescue by developing an innovative home-based workout with an achievable dance routine that anyone can do at home. With gyms being closed, Santana developed this crucial series to serve the global economy by giving back her knowledge of health and fitness to fight against obesity and depression. 

Santana Rodriguez is originally from Buffalo, New York, but currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She is a Latin-American personality of Puerto Rican and Brazilian descent. Santana’s fitness experience stems from being a former fitness champion taking in 6 regional wins and 1 national championship win. 

With this fitness series, “You can work out where you want, when you want while doing exercises with me in real time,” Santana Rodriguez said. Her routines allow people to work out in privacy and in their own time because they air 24/7. Shaping Up with Santana is independently produced by Santana. 

Santana Rodriguez has long been familiar with the ins and outs of the entertainment industry. As an international model and fitness champion, she has graced the covers of seven magazines. She has been featured in over 30 prominent platforms. On top of her career in the spotlight, Santana has earned an Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing. She also obtained a fitness training certification.

Santana Rodriguez’s career began as the fitness champion of the ABA Federation show called Miss Team USA Modelquest. She also led an amazing acting career, landing roles in various plays and theatre productions. All while going after her dreams of becoming an influential personality, Santana does not forget to give back to the community. She mentors a nine-year-old in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization in Los Angeles. Besides that, Santana has also worked as a motivational speaker to the youth regarding fitness and wellness.

Santana Rodriguez was inspired by her parents to further her career in the fitness industry. Her father suffered from severe illnesses and fought bravely. He remained to be Santana’s firm rock. Simultaneously, her mother also fought vigorously through cancer. Both of her parents are now healthy and are living a health-conscious lifestyle. Santana was motivated to live as an example. “I wanted to create something special to give back not only to my parents, but to the community,” Santana said.

While millions have lost access to lifestyle essentials and are adjusting to the “new normal,” Santana Rodriguez proves to be a critical component that would keep people on track in living their best. More than ever, people realize that working out is more than just a vanity project but a necessity. Shaping Up with Santana is changing millions of lives worldwide. Santana Rodriguez is paving the way for people through her show. With all of her achievements and successes, it has earned her a cover spot as a hero on Amaré Magazine’s Nov/Dec 2020 special edition “Heroes of Change” issue. Congratulations, Santana!

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