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Saving Lives with the PPE of America, One Protective Gear at a Time

With the pandemic still in effect, several problems have arisen and have left many lives in the dust, businesses in the shadows, and breadwinners in danger. However, some good samaritans recognized these struggles and felt the need to use creativity and innovation to come up with plans to curb these misfortunes. Imbued with the passion for helping their fellow countrymen, the team behind PPE of America rose to the challenge of saving their lives amid these trying times.

The PPE of America’s humble beginnings unraveled when the founder, Sean Kelly, saw the need to control the rising demand and the fleeting supply of protective suits. Wanting to close this problematic gap, Sean created the PPE of America to assist the procurement of essential commodities during these times for the good and safety of the country’s most valuable asset in the fight against COVID-19: the frontline workers.

Determined to provide first-grade protection for these individuals who continuously fight the virus at the forefront of a grueling battlefield, the PPE of America only deals with products that are FDA- or NIOSH-approved. This is to reassure frontliners from the healthcare sector, federal government organizations, police and fire departments, emergency medical services, and different cities and states that what they are getting ensures them of protection with the utmost propriety that they deserve.

But the PPE of America’s value during these trying times is more than just their ability to procure products for the benefit of frontliners. This passionate team of professionals dedicates their time and resources to streamline the whole process of procurement and directly connect professionals with the sales and distribution channels of the leading PPE brands in the United States. Because the need for PPEs today is clothed with a veil of urgency, the PPE of America thought it best to cut down unnecessary undertakings so that frontline workers only have to think about attending to and saving the lives of the greater population.

With the increasing demand for PPEs and other protective gear, being a referral company for frontline workers became insufficient to respond to the needs of procurement professionals. Heeding to the call of these individuals, the PPE of America went the extra mile and began selling trusted protective gear—face masks, gowns, hand sanitizers, and gloves—directly to end-users who desperately need to obtain these products for their safety in the work that they do.

As the PPE of America proves to be true in their advocacy of helping frontliners during this crisis, the team continues to expand its reach to other professionals by strategic acquisition through proprietary sales and data channels. Through social media, PR, or specialized data acquisition, the PPE of America was able to extend more helping hands in the fight against COVID-19. After all, the team was not created for the grace of wealth and money but for the welfare of everyone in these challenging times.

While dealing with countless uncertainties in this pandemic, it is only right for people to do something instead of nothing. That is why in this seemingly never-ending fight, the PPE of America continues to stand firm in its noble pursuit of helping the world overcome and conquer this long and tremendous battle.To know more about the PPE of America, you may visit its website or its founder’s Instagram page.

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