Senior: Rising Music Artist Single “Made It Bigger” Out Now on Various Streaming Platforms!

A business-savvy mentality and an exceptional songwriting skill — these are the key attributes of up-and-coming music artist Senior, whose single “Made It Bigger” from his album I Feel Better Alone is out now. With lyrics that are relatable and with the power to move anyone, the rising artist believes that music enthusiasts are in for quite a treat when they listen to his music, available on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and YouTube, to mention a few. 

Inspired by unforgettable moments in his childhood when he would spend a great deal of time singing with his younger brother when he was about 13, Senior is embracing his innate musical gifts and sharing it with the world. Taking more inspiration from reality, like the many twists and turns of life and its complexities, Senior is revealing his life experiences for all the world to learn from. He has successfully channeled all his life’s passions and significant events in his past that brought him to where he is now into songs that have the ability to inspire change. 

With the release of “Made It Bigger,” Senior hopes to connect with multiple audiences from all over the world. His personal belief in the value of a human connection and the unique facets of love are two of the main things that will allow him to make a lasting impression on music fans all over the world.

“I’ve always loved singing with my little brother. He helped me a lot throughout the years in music particularly. I started taking it seriously not very long ago. I was posting snippets and concept versions of songs on Instagram, and I saw really good feedback, which boosted me to start a career out of this. I love music. I love the connection it brings between people and the rollercoaster of emotions it can bring. I believe music is one of the best ways to communicate and to share stories,” Senior explains.

Aside from being a passionate music artist, Senior is also a thriving entrepreneur and the owner of TripleOne, an upcoming decentralized company that will allow people to collaborate throughout the development of the whole business itself. In their Canada-based office alone, Senior leads about a hundred people. He considers it quite a feat to have been able to record his first single despite the challenges of running and overseeing several companies. It only goes to show that anything is possible for people who set their eyes on a goal and work hard to achieve it.  

In the coming years, Senior sees himself becoming an international sensation through his music. He also looks forward to doing collaborations with mainstream artists around the world and seeing his shows on headlines. With a lot of hard work, creativity, dedication, and patience, he knows that he will one day conquer the world stage and impact music lovers from all over the globe. 

Check out Senior on Spotify to listen to his music. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

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Brittany Meyers

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