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Shampoo Papi Is the Confident Car Detailer Made for TV

Hailing from New Jersey, the powerhouse personality known as Shampoo Papi is slowly taking the East Coast by storm. The kinetic showman is a car detailer who has made appearances on BET, Nation Swell Media, and, most recently, a Youtube Series with GQ magazine that has over 300,000 views.

Shampoo Papi can attract attention even in the middle of a busy crowd. His personality is what calls him out from the rest. After all, it’s not everyday one sees a comedic car detailer that provides entertainment during car detailing sessions. Shampoo Papi is everything a performer needs to be—loud, bold, witty, and funny. He is the type of car detailer who can successfully clean a car and then break out into a cheer after. He is known for making jokes about how the insides of people’s cars look. His charismatic laugh is only one of the many reasons why people gravitate toward him. In fact, people buy into him just for his personality. Shampoo Papi is the poster boy for confidence; in a business where masculinity is the head to the body, he is not afraid to be himself. He has what it takes to break the mold.

Shampoo Papi’s brand is reminiscent of the early 2000s show Pimp My Ride. He has seen some of the nastiest interiors around and still manages to return the upholstery back to its normal color. His usual clients are parents with kids that destroy the inside of their cars, business people who are too busy to clean their cars, and enthusiastic car lovers who love to keep their cars clean. Amazingly enough, all his clients drive away with brand-new-looking cars.

Shampoo Papi is not only an entertaining car detailer; he is known for being very meticulous about his work as well. He is a perfectionist when it comes to his art, and he cleans all cars as if they’re his own. On Instagram, people from all around the country have requested his service. His DMs are full of messages along the lines of “Omg, I love your energy, come to Florida, or Mexico, or California, etc.” People from all around the country want the Shampoo Papi experience.

People from all around the world have cheered on him from every direction. Indeed, Shampoo Papi is more than just a car detailing business now; it is a brand. Even big-time celebrities have praised him for his star qualities. Recently, Daymond John of Shark Tank reposted his video and gave him a special shoutout for his entertaining videos.

His passion for the arts of entertainment and boisterous personality and craft of auto detailing makes Shampoo Papi the perfect candidate for reality TV hosting. His ultimate career goal is to be picked up for a TV show and expand his platform and begin to service high-end celebrity clients. His catchy name, Shampoo Papi, is no coincidence. He picked it out for its fun, fresh, and trendy sound. People often want to just say the name.

At the start of the quarantine in March, he came off all social media platforms. He decided that he would utilize his time spent at home to further build his brand. During the first seven months of lockdown, he spent his time visualizing where he wanted to be in the next year. Being that he started the car detailing business out of the trunk of his car, he knew that when he returned, he wanted to be fully equipped and prepared. A lot has gone into the process of building his business, such as buying a van, creating a fresh and eye-catching logo and having it wrapped over my van, and purchasing top-tier equipment and supplies to better assist him while detailing.

Shampoo Papi’s dream of building an empire and becoming an international success is now only on the horizon. Catch him on his website and on Instagram.

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