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SHIBU Materializes Their Cause-Oriented Initiatives by Wielding the Power of Cryptocurrency

In recent years, cryptocurrency has gained significant power, influencing the way personalities and commercial ventures operate. Its creation has also paved the way for the establishment of innumerable organizations that are set to impact the world in the future. Given the role that cryptocurrency occupies across a wide variety of trades, SHIBU has found it essential to wield their power to kick-start life-changing pursuits. Primarily driven by their vision of a better world, the power duo are utilizing a platform that not only revolutionizes the ways of decentralized finance but also sets the bar high among industry players across the space.

SHIBU is unlike any other. SHIBU is a deflationary utility token or the only payment method on the celebrity and influencer NFT marketplace, which is already in development today because of a successful private sale. As a deflationary Binance Smart Chain Token, SHIBU aims to address a range of humanitarian needs.

Pushing the boundaries of cryptocurrency, SHIBU is working to support various philanthropic movements and help fund charitable causes. As a matter of fact, the organization has recently partnered with Better World Fund to strengthen and materialize its purpose-driven initiative. Mashing the influence of artistry and filmography with the power of cryptocurrency, SHIBU is elevating the scenes to provide progressive solutions across the world. Through the $500,000 raised through SHIBU’s private sale, they have already raised and sent over $30,000 for charity through the Better World Fund. 

SHIBU co-founders are also very involved in the Better World Fund. The co-founders are Manuel Collins de la Roche, President of the Better World Fund; Geraldine Dunayer, Director of the Better World Fund – UAE; Gustavo Antonio Montero, a banker and crypto enthusiast who previously opened Standard Chartered Bank in Switzerland; and Shibu Thomas, who is renowned in pharmaceutics, a major success story in real estate, and the face of Shibu.

Recently, SHIBU was invited to the Cannes Film Festival events to set up a metaverse scanner to guide celebrities and influencers in raising funds through cryptocurrency. In this way, SHIBU can translate their vision with Better World Fund more rapidly, opening more fundraising streams that allow individuals to seamlessly transfer funds and deal with transactions. The event will be held in May of next year.

In the next ten years, more can be expected from SHIBU as it continues to collaborate with Better World Fund. They aim to sponsor a wide variety of major movie and charity events, partnering with several celebrities and influencers worldwide. 

Through SHIBU, countless innovative initiatives are coming to fruition. The power of cryptocurrency is truly a gem in these modern times, and the power duo seeks to maximize its potential by driving change, sparking action, and impacting lives. Without a doubt, SHIBU is leading the world towards a better place.

SHIBU will have its presale on January 13, 2022 at 1 PM UTC through their website; it will end on January 17, 2022 at 1 PM UTC. Its first DEX listing will be on January 20, 2022 at 1 PM UTC.

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