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SillyBandz Enters NFT Scene, Brings Nostalgia of Early 2010s Craze

Non-fungible tokens are indeed rising, especially with the prominence of cryptocurrency across the globe. The virtual tokens have been reportedly sold for thousands to even millions of dollars to enthusiastic investors, making it one of the best fields for digital artists today. Entering the landscape is Sillybandz NFT, a collection of artworks inspired and based off of the iconic shapes and bright colors of the 2010 toy craze Sillybandz.

Sillybandz became widely successful among kids in the early years of the millennium because of their fun attributes. Made of silicone rubber formed into shapes of animals, objects, numbers, and letters, Sillybandz became a global phenomenon. Sillybandz was one of the top collectibles for kids for over a decade, reaching multiple countries at a time. The iconic bands were also distributed across many retail outlets, including Amazon and Walmart. 

“Sillybandz became a worldwide phenomenon in 2010 with a younger demographic and then grew an older audience of influencers, celebrities, and athletes of all ages,” said the NFT creators. “Fast forward to 2021 and the massive resurgence of the popularity of the brand, and we now have the original audience, which are now 18-26, plus the older audience, and we cover several decades. With cryptocurrency and NFTs being such a huge category for the ages of 16-35, SillyBandz is a perfect brand to take part in this life-changing movement.”

The international bestseller eventually decreased in prominence, but its legacy of being one of the most iconic toys in history still remains. Today, NFT creators are hoping to bring it back through a different platform. As Sillybandz was warmly welcomed by the world, the team behind Sillybandz NFT aims to rouse a feeling of nostalgia for what was once one of their favorite collectibles. The creators understand that the kids who used to buy packs of Sillybandz are now the ones who fully understand the scalable value of NFTs, and they want to leverage on that. 

“Creating an NFT collection around these packs is the next evolution for the brand and its massive fan base,” shared one of the anonymous creators. “Our art is created around a collection of already iconic and widely recognized shapes and figures,” they added further. 

Unlike most NFT collections produced as graphic 2D or 3D characters reproduced to the thousands, Sillybandz wanted to bring something fresh to the table. The creators did not have to create a backstory for their creations. Instead, they took a leap of faith and became the first to ever bank on nostalgia in the NFT industry. Sillybandz possesses a strong sense of history, collectibility, and brand recognition, and the creators nailed it to encapsulate their target audience with their tokens. 

The team behind SillyBandz will drop 5,000 NFTs for its first collection on mint day. The creators are yet to announce when they will launch, but NFT enthusiasts, as well as Sillybandz collectors, are already making their way to its Discord server.

To learn more about SillyBandz, visit its website.